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    My New Blog: Chef & Pauper

    Hello Friends! I’m excited to announce the launch of my new blog: It’s called Chef & Pauper, and it’s a collaboration between me and my boyfriend, Brian. Now, if you’re worried ReFashionista is going away, don’t be. It’s staying riiiiight here and I’ll still be posting here every now and again. So what is this Chef & Pauper thing anyways? I truly believe food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. When Brian and I first met, we bonded over a shared love of food and cooking. When we realized we’re both of above-average competence and daring in the kitchen, we practically stopped eating in restaurants, as the dishes we were…

  • Impressing the Parents...the Thrifty Way! 5
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    Impressing the Parents…the Thrifty Way!

    For those you who have been commenting for the last couple of years or so that you’d like to see a nice young man in my life, rejoice! This handsome bearded gentleman is Brian. We get along swell. We geek out over a lot of the same things and he likes my dog.  If you’re feeling particularly stalker-y, you can listen to his podcast here (It’s actually quite funny). Things are going well. So well, in fact, that I’ve met his parents (who are also lovely, and considerably less bearded).  Brian and I decided to have them over to my place for dinner. This was a big deal to me…

  • Is All Fair in Le Creuset and War? 9
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    Is All Fair in Le Creuset and War?

    I am an aggressive thrifter. I know this. Decades of experience have helped me hone this skill into something that is almost an art form. I know which days to go to which stores. I know how to thrift a store in 15 minutes. I even have a weekly thrifting schedule. Other avid thrifters get it. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt. December was a month of culinary thrifting miracles. I found tons of Fiestaware, seemingly everywhere I looked. I scored a KitchenAid mixer for a song and I even found my own personal holy grail….er…holy dutch oven. I have wanted a Le Creuset dutch oven for at least…

  • The Dark Side of Vintage Recipes 13
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    The Dark Side of Vintage Recipes

    I am not a foodie blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, and do so quite frequently…usually with something at least vaguely pleasant to show for it afterwards. I get most of the recipes I use from online or from my beloved Mastering the Art of French Cooking two-volume set. However, after my recent horrific cooking experience, even the vaguest thought of becoming a food blogger has been permanently bashed from my brain. While ambling about the local blogosphere, I encountered a couple of posts that inspired me. One was, The Better Side of Vintage Recipes by April Blake, and the other was Cooking like a Modern Woman…