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DIY Skinny Jeans from Flared Jeans

A Beige, But Not Blah Dress Refashion
Helluu MuuMuu! A MuuMuu to Sleeveless Top Refashion

I simply could not believe my luck when I found these jeans in exactly my size at the $1-a-pound Goodwill Clearance Center!

Not to shabs!
Not too shabs…buuuut…

There was just one problem, I don’t want a pair of flared jeans, whereas I really could use a pair of skinny jeans. The one pair I had was on its last legs (har har), and was never made of good quality denim to begin with.

This pair I scored for about $1, however was made of nice, thick denim with exactly the wash I had been wanting.

It didn’t take me very long before I figured out what I needed to do here.

Let’s refashion those flared jeans into skinny jeans!

I turned the flares inside out, then laid my skinny jeans over them, like so:

skinny jeans laid over flared jeans
See where I’m going with this?

Next, I pinned along the edge of the skinny jeans.

pinning jeans leg
So easy!

Then, I stitched the pinned line down.

sewing pant leg

Denim is fairly fray-cray, so I serged the edge down as well.

If you don’t have a serger, a zigzag stitch and some fray-check will work just fine.

serging raw edge

Because I’m on the short side, I also needed to give my sweet new jeans two sweet new hems.

To do this, I pinned them where I wanted them to fall, and then pressed the pinned part under.

pressing hem
Like this!

Then, I folded the top bit under and pinned it, like this:

pinning bottom hem

After following this same step with the other leg, under the needle they went!

sewing hem
Last step!

I pressed the new hems, as well as my new side seams.

And now I have a pair of jeans that fits better than any I’ve ever had!

I'm in love!
I’m in love!

I paired them with a fabulous drapey $1 thrifted tee I scored that week and a vintage necklace I’ve had forever.

And check out the fabulous back pockets!

back of skinny jeans
Aren’t they the best?

My new jeans got tons of compliments at a pie-themed dinner party with some of my favorites. 🙂

Jillian and friends
Jillian and her friend David
David pontificates. I am highly amused.
My contribution for the evening: a tomato pie!
My contribution for the evening: a tomato pie!
Jillian and friends
Coming this fall to NBC!

Jeans are pricey (unless you score them for $1 a pound!), so why not look at your current stash and see if you have any old flares you don’t wear anymore that could use an upcycle, rather than going out and buying a new pair?

DIY Skinny Jeans from Flared Jeans before and after


A Beige, But Not Blah Dress Refashion
Helluu MuuMuu! A MuuMuu to Sleeveless Top Refashion