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From Neon Yellow to Green & Mellow

'80s Maternity Dress Refashion
My Second Chemotherapy Treatment

I originally discovered this comfy womfy fleece sweatshirt the week before it moved to the $1 clearance rack.

from neon yellow to green and mellow before
So cozy! But yikes! So bright!

I can’t begin to describe how commmmfy and sofffffft the fabric on this one is you guys! I thought it would be perfect for the days following my next chemo treatment when I’d want nothing but soft fabrics and feel-good tv shows.

Then, I looked at the tag and realized it was only 50% off, not $1. 🙁

It was only $3. Why am I like this?
It was only $3. Why am I like this???

You guys, I can afford to spend $3 on a shirt. What is my problem????

Anywho, I put it back on the rack, along with my hopes of enveloping myself in its cozy warmth.

Much to my surprise, I saw it again the following week. This time it was marked down to $1! Huzzah! Victory was mine!

refashionista cuddled in sweatshirt
It’s just you and me, comfy shirt!

The one thing I couldn’t get over about this shirt was how freakishly BRIGHT it was.

As I have no current plans to pivot to a career in roadside construction, I needed to calm that safety yellow hue down.

For some reason, I thought it would be fun to incorporate this vintage Aigner oxford shirt I found for a $1 into this Refashion as well!

vintage aigner shirt
Why not?
close up of Aigner label
Nice, eh?

This shirt was sadly really pitted out and had lots of stains all over it.

close up of stain

I really only bought this shirt to repurpose the pocket, which I promptly used my seam ripper to remove.

removing pocket from front of shirt
I just love that logo!

Let’s dye it!

As I said before, I wanted to mellow that yellow, so I reached for these:

green and black rit dye
Two Rits, both alike in dignity…

Unfortunately, I’d used the green boxed dye in a previous Refashion, so I didn’t have much leftover.

less than half a packet of rit dye
That’s it, folks!

I was optimistic that mixing what I had left of the green with a bit of black would still get my shirt to green!

The label, however, didn’t do much to fuel this optimism.

polyester/spandex blend label
Oh noes!

Neither polyester nor spandex is very dye-able, but I decided to give it go anyways. Check out my post on why some fabrics dye better than others if you’d like a refresher.

With my fingers firmly crossed, I put my shirt and my pocket into their dye bath.

I only needed a bit of the dye to take…but would it?

dye bath
It’s taking a littttle of the dye…but will it be enough?

The pocket took more of the dye than the shirt, but ended up purple instead of green!

pulling pocket out of dye bath

I left my shirt and pocket in the bath for about 40 minutes, stirring occasionally, then rinsed them in my washing machine.

After the rinse, I was discouraged to note that while my shirt was now a softer green, it had weird streaks and spots, mostly along one side. 🙁

dyed shirt with spots

As this shirt wasn’t visibly stained before, I have no idea where these came from!

I was bummed, but I still really wanted this Refashion to work.

So, I figured I’d try to go for an intentionally splattered look on the rest of the shirt.

Let’s Dye it AGAIN!

I grabbed a plastic container and started wadding my shirt up into it, splattering some black dye between the folds as I went.

shirt in container splattered with dye
Like this.

Once I was done, I gently poured boiling hot water into the container. I hoped the extra heat would help the dye set.

pouring water over shirt
Fingers crossed!

When I was done, it looked like this:

shirt in small dye bath
Don’t stir it!

I let it sit in its bath for forty minutes, making sure to NOT stir it this time, as I wanted those dye spots to set in as much as possible.

After another rinse, I was pleased to note my shirt now at least looked a little more intentionally splotchy.

I wasn’t quite feeling the constriction of that turtleneck, so I chopped it off.

cutting turtleneck off shirt
Off you go!

I left the edge raw, as I thought it would work well with the splotches on my shirt.

In a further attempt to make my shirt look like I meant for it to be a little disheveled-looking, I attached my pocket to the front at an angle.

pinning pocket to shirt
Pocket time!
sewing pocket to shirt

Now for those cuffs!

In the before pic for this Refashion, you can see how the sleeves fall over my hands. I decided to shoot for a more blousy sleeve by taking the cuffs in a bit.

First, I turned my shirt inside-out and pinned each one.

pinned sleeve cuff
So artfully lit!

Then, I stitched them down. If you’re doing this at home, you don’t need to worry about cutting off the extra fabric, as it’ll fold in just fine while you’re wearing it.

sewing sleeve cuff
One last bit of stitchery!

Here’s my super comfy shirt (and new wig) now!

from neon yellow to green and mellow after
This is Ashleigh. She misses festival season.

What do you think of my new tresses?

closeup of wig
Ashleigh is pretty chill and drives a white jeep.

And check out the back!

back of wig showing pink highlights
She also plays ukulele.

Okay…enough of my new Wigsona, and back to the Refashion.

While I’m not thrilled with how my dye job worked out, I’m still at least moderately satisfied with this Refashion as a whole. At least it isn’t such a glaring bright yellow anymore.

I like how the pocket looks, and it’s something I know I’ll end up getting lots of wears out of.

close up of dyed shirt refashion
Ashleigh likes it too.
closeup of shirt with pocket
Stop being weird, Ashleigh. Nobody stands like that.


from neon yellow to green and mellow before and after
'80s Maternity Dress Refashion
My Second Chemotherapy Treatment

84 thoughts on “From Neon Yellow to Green & Mellow”

  1. Apparently you were meant to be blonde all along, because this look suits you perfectly. Where do you get your wigs by the way?

  2. On my computer I see neon green in the before, the after is definitely mellower and the whole look is amazing. Glad you found a comfy top and love the pinky blonde wig, looks fabulous.

  3. Ashleigh rocks that top! Now I’ll be looking for likely pockets when I thrift. It’s the perfect flip of style on a so cozy top. Love this one! Keep up the great spirit you’re sharing with all of us. Sending prayers and thanks for these make-my-day posts.

  4. I love your sense of humor. I have little hope that my sewing skills would extend to the amazing refashions that you do, but I love reading your blog posts and there’s always something that makes me laugh.

  5. Kudos on the refashion, it turned out great. And you look AWESOME in Ashleigh ❤️. I hope you are doing OK and as always you are in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. First, I love the refashion. Second, I am tickled pink with your wigsonas. The descriptions are perfect. Ashleigh cracked me up.

  7. Maybe you won’t see this, maybe it won’t mean much. And that’s ok, I simply had to say this because you should hear it…I’d have wanted my mom to hear it. My mom had metastatic breast cancer. She wasn’t herself in her last few years – angry and distracted and sad and withdrawn…what you’d expect of someone battling cancer. I was young, 6, 7, 8 years old. I didn’t appreciate just how strong and brave she was. But now at 45 I see it. I see that her pain and human reactions and struggle are what made her brave and a warrior. And the fact that she loved her family and tried every time she could, that makes her a hero. The fact that she was still herself sometimes, that makes her a hero.
    However you handle it – however my mom handled it – you are handling it. And that, in and of itself, makes you brave and someone to aspire to. Try not to sell yourself short, you are being brave and are an inspiration. You are human and you are making it through an awful situation. Sometimes, simply surviving is an act of bravery and inspiration.
    Give yourself the credit you deserve. You are handling this with grace, your strength is inspiring. Smile at yourself in the mirror and pat yourself in the back – you deserve it!

  8. OK.. cool top.. but, when this is over and you are done kicking cancers ass.. you really need to consider going Blonde. Just saying… xoxo

  9. You look fabulous in blonde! I really like the refashion. I once had a turquoise corderoy that was on the bright side. I soaked it in bleach and loved it.

  10. Hi Ashleigh, rocking that look. Wow! I love it! I wasn’t sure you were doing the right thing with the pocket but it works so well.

  11. WELL Miss Ashley really takes the cake!! Suits you perfectly. Really brings out your eyes. I am one of the many that is quietly following you. I know a couple other younger ladies fighting forms of cancer. It is not easy but a positive attitude and a circle of online supporters is a good thing!!

  12. You, my dear, are amazing! I have read your blog for years and have always admired your refashion work. My admiration has only grown in watching and reading about how you are facing this latest health struggle. You are an inspiration ! I send you thanks and light for healing.

  13. This looks so comfy and you make everything look cute! That wig fits you perfectly. You are so beautiful! I LOVE to see what you come up with! Genius!!!!

  14. I love this refashion!!! I think you did a great job. It’s so cute and you look great in it. The wig is gorgeous on you too. Hugs from Canada!

  15. Great refashion! The fit looks great and also looks super comfy! I am really enjoying meeting all the new girls ‍♀️‍♀️

  16. I think Ashleigh allows you to experiment with an entire new color palette. You look great! And may you feel as great as you look, or even better!!!

  17. Love the ‘gentling’ of the green! (shows green on my machine)… not sure about the pocket, but what do I know… I’m old! 🙂

  18. I think Ashleigh’s your girl! 🙂
    I actually really like the refash. Wan’t sure I would as I’m not all about the dying, but I should know to trust you by now. You look adorable in it!
    (((Gentle Hugs)))

  19. Love Ashleigh, you make a beautiful blond!! Love the comfy shirt, perfect for chilly weather. Ill have to wait until Nov. as I live in Florida!! Keep smiling , keep fighting and all will be well!!

  20. Psyched that you got it for a dollar! It looks green in the photos. The hemline looks so much better–happenstance or planned? Do love this wig.

  21. I WANT that shirt. I think you just invented the new ‘off-center pocket’ trend!

    When you’re a millionaire, just remember us – the little people

  22. Funtastic. You’re lookin good, love the ombré at the back of your ‘blonde’ personality. Go get em Tiger!(oops maybe you’re a Gamecocks fan.)

  23. You look great in the new top and wig. All your wigs look so natural. Willing to share brand names? Continued virtual hugs to you and Brian.

  24. Girl, Ashley is where it’s at! I love it! I’ve totally been on a super-comfy sweatshirt kick too. I hope it’s cozy and comforting as you continue to kick cancer in the butt!

  25. I’ve never commented before, ever, but lurk n’ love from a distance. Ashleigh got me though– she’s glorious!! Purple pocket too.

  26. Hi Jillian,
    I think the refashion looks great! Will have to admit I was worried:) And you really look good as a blond!
    So take care of yourself and keep on being you!!!
    Nancy from Asheville

  27. Love the wig, AND the shirt refashion.
    I identified perfectly with the notion that 3 bucks was just too much, and while I have sometimes missed out, there are always cute shirts to be found for a reasonable price, especially when you are also investing time and effort to make it great.


  28. I love the descriptions of the wigs you put on. I did have a fright when I looked at the lady in the blonde wig and wondered who it was.

  29. I love what you did but I don’t understand why the pocket turned purple!? Some kind of weird chemistry thing I guess. Hope your next treatment goes well and you find comfort in that shirt.

  30. So much more beautiful without the wig, but I get it, I think.sorter hair is not as pretty as
    O grr. Praying for your recovery.

  31. I think this turned out really cute! And it’s unusual to find someone who can rock both dark hair colour as well as blonde. And who has more incredible instincts for thrifting than anyone else I can think of. I’ve got a couple of dyeing projects I’ve been putting off (can’t recall having ever dyed anything…at least, not on purpose….). I’m saving this post as well to give me courage! Love and prayers from the Pacific NW!

  32. Love the angled pocket! At first I didn’t believe for a second that Ashleigh played the ukulele, but I’m starting to see it. Seriously, though, that wig is cute on you! You have great wig taste!

  33. your wigsonas are the best. love this refashion and the fact that i discovered .99 Mondays at my Goodwill thanks to you!

  34. You babe. The refash is fab and you are positively rockin’ the new dos!!! Hope that you are doing well, lots of love from the desert. XOXOX


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