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Shirt to Dress Refashion: As Seen on Good Morning America!

Thrift Score Thursday: Mikelos Edition
A Long Sleeve Shirt to Cocktail Dress Refashion: As Seen on Good Morning America!

So…I showed you how I refashioned that LBD for Good Morning America yesterday, but what about that purple dress on the right?

Refashionista on Good Morning America
How’d I do it?

I mean, how do you go from this…

good morning america dyed dress refashion before

…to this?

shirt to dress refashion on mannequin

This was a tricky one, folks!  

First, I dyed the original top to get rid of that blah faded brown and white…

fuchsia and purple rit dyes
A fun color combo!
mixing dyes in washing machine
It’s all in the mix!

…then I noticed all these little holes on the sides.  :/

holes on side of shirt

This is where all my photographic evidence falls off, you guys.

I can explain!  It was about 2am when I was working on this, and I had to try to get a couple of hours of sleep before going in to work the next day then dashing off to catch my flight!

Still…I’m sorry.  :/

The best way I know how to explain what I did was:

  1. I removed that fake underlayer
  2. I took the whole thing in from the sides.
  3. I took it in again from the back to raise the neckline a smidge
  4. I added the fabric from the sides to the bottom of the dress, patching some holes and re-stitching around others (cutting off the parts with holes and stitching the good bits back together, then stitching THAT to the bottom).
  5. I gave this craziness a new hem.
  6. Then I took the sleeves up a little.

And that’s what brought us to this!

as seen on good morning america shirt to dress refashion after

My new purple frock had a blast for my last day in NYC!  

Erin and I checked out the MoMA, had a fantastic lunch at Grammercy Tavern (an entire page of their menu is dedicated to ciders!), and had a lovely time exploring the city before we caught our flight back home.

at sangria stand
Lookie! We found a tasty frozen sangria stand!
Times Square Selfie!
Times Square Selfie!

What a fun trip!  πŸ™‚


shirt to dress refashion as seen on good morning america
Thrift Score Thursday: Mikelos Edition
A Long Sleeve Shirt to Cocktail Dress Refashion: As Seen on Good Morning America!

40 thoughts on “Shirt to Dress Refashion: As Seen on Good Morning America!”

  1. Hi I’m a new member – refashioning from thrift stores is my favorite, favorite, favorite thing to do. Keep the photos coming! Barb

  2. Wow. So proud of you. You did such a great job on GMA. I cringed when I saw that wierd brown rag/skull dress. Love what you did to it.

  3. What an amazing transformation! Loved your GMA segment… again, you looked cool as a cucumber! If you were nervous, it didn’t show at all. Keep up the good work!

  4. You are so creative and inspiring me to refashion again as I am getting more weary of mass produced, repetitive styled, clothing. I’d never thought about dying items. Questions: does the material need to be 100 prevent cotton? How do you clean your washer afterwards?

    • Hi! YAY Viva La Refashion! It doesn’t have to be 100% cotton, BUT natural fibers dye better than unnatural ones.

  5. I was wondering do you have a separate washer for dying your fabric or do just use the same one for everything?

  6. Holy Hannah – I can just imagine what went through your mind when you found those holes πŸ™ What a lot of work but a truly beautiful end result.

  7. I’ve been reading your blog for about a year now, and I just wanted to say how much I love it and your re-fashions. Everytime I get one of your emails, I can’t wait to see what you’ve created this time, it’s always so creative. Your blog makes me feel so happy and inspired, you are like a little piece of sunshine! Congratulations on your recent TV success, thanks again for your amazing ideas and keep up the good work πŸ™‚

  8. Love this! I’ve only ever over-dyed a few pieces but I wouldn’t ordinarily think to do it to 2nd hand items. I will have to consider it more in the future!

    Have you had any problems dyeing in your washing machine? I must say I agree with the above comment that Rit is bad, and have only ever used fibre reactive dyes myself, just dyeing in a bucket/tub. I would worry the dye would hang around in my washing machine, and my next load of laundry would all come out purple or something!

    Idealism never goes out of fashion

    • Yay! DYE ALL THE THINGS!!!!!

      Nope. I just clean it out following the instructions provided on the bottle and it all works out fine. πŸ™‚

  9. I love all your Ideas, but how wood a “full” figured gal like myself b able to this? πŸ™ you say you get stuff bigger to cut down, but kind of hard to find much of anything to cut down for me….

    • The good thing about having the body of a 12 year old boy is that, yes, most things I find are bigger than I am. Of course there’s drawbacks as well (people think I’m a little kid from far away, etc.), but I digress…

      This is a trick that won’t work for every garment or for every person. The reason I tell folks to go up a few sizes, is that it’s just easier to refashion that way. If you have extra fabric to work with, you have more possibilities. If it didn’t have holes all down the sides, it could have just be dyed and lightly refitted to be more flattering as-is as the size it was. OR you could take fabric from ANOTHER garment and add on to it that way. You could even dye another garment at the same time to get them to be in the same color family.

      Does that make any sense?

  10. I’ve been behind on my blog reading but SO COOL being on GMA!!! I remember when you were down in the dumps earlier this year and NOW just look at you! How did it happen? Will we hear the whole story? Amazing and awesome – you go girl!

  11. Rit Bad. Procion GOOD!! You’ll get much better, brighter, truer colors that never bleed or fade if you use fiber reactive dye. It’s pretty cheap too! Awesome dress, love it!!

      • I’ve never heard of Procion either. Thank you jumaz! I nearly bought some dye today. So glad I didn’t!

        Jillian, thank you for giving me the confidence to refash some of my clothes. You were great on GMA. Of course, they should have had you on longer.

  12. You have really inspired me! I dyed three old dresses the other day (two were navy and white. I dyed one tangerine, the other kelly green. The other was mostly white with big weird dark red pineapple type print. I dyed it a pale mint green by leaving it in kelly green dye for only a few minutes). I also remade an 80’s style dress by removing the horrible sleeves, shoulder pads, taking in the sides and changing the neckline. (Sound familiar?) All were much improved! Thanks to you!! And I am just getting started…:)Thanks!!!
    BYW, you were great on TV. You didn’t look nervous at all, amazing!

  13. Holy s—. How do you think this stuff up? As I read your post, I had a hard time believing is was the same dress! Next time you head to NY, let me know, I want to shop with you. Maybe you should offer a class/weekend where you can guide a group through a series of makeovers. In the meantime, how about a post on shopping tips? What do you look for in a garment?

  14. How wonderful that your dear friend Erin was along to see all this awesomeness taking place! I have done a similar thing with a fave dress that is very fine silk and developed all kinds of shreddedness. Cut off off the bad bits and restiched the good bits onto the bottom. Very well done, I like this one a lot – and the sunglasses are very cool!


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