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DIY Strapless Dress Georgia Winery Refashion

Mai-Linh's Reader ReFash!
Dye It! Lemon Sherbet Dress

I absolutely adore my friends (In case you can’t tell by the rather prolific amount of pics of them  I post here).  Needless to say, I was super excited to take a weekend trip to Georgia Wine Country with a few of them.  🙂

All I needed was something cool and comfortable to wear!  A strapless dress perhaps!

I chose this dress (Don’t worry, we’re getting to the strapless part!):

diy strapless dress before
This pic was taken at 6am btw…

There’s a lot to loathe about this dress.  Those shoulder pads, puffy sleeves, and blousy top just aren’t working for me.  

But that print is lovely, and the fabric is lightweight and cool…perfect for a day sipping vino on a winery’s veranda!

This one wasn’t hard at all!  

First I made a big chop.

chopping off top of dress for strapless dress refashion
Just like this!

Then, I created a casing from that top edge, like so:

pinning top casing for strapless dress
stitching top casing for diy strapless dress

I left a tiny gap just large enough to thread some elastic through.

piece of elastic for strapless dress refashion
This elastic right here!

I wrapped a piece of elastic right under my arms and pulled it to where it was snug without being uncomfortable.  

Then I snipped it and threaded it through my new casing, using this awesome doodad!

bodkin with elastic
You know you want one!

You can find a bodkin on your very own right here:

I stitched the ends of the elastic together, then stitched the small gap I left for the threading of said elastic.

sewing elastic

That’s it!

Now I have a cool & comfy strapless frock!

strapless dress refashion after
I blame my dazed expression on the wine!

Much wine was tasted!

Barrels and barrels!
Barrels and barrels!
refashionista drinking wine
*Glug Glug!*

Much fun was had!

refashionista and friends
Well hello there, David!

Much beauty was seen!

Serenity Now!
Serenity Now, at Frogtown Winery!

I even made a new friend!

miniature horse with refashionista
I shall name him “Peanut”!

You should just go ahead and plan a Georgia Wine Country visit of your very own!  🙂

So.  Much.   Wine.
So. Much. Wine.


refashionista diy strapless dress refashion before and after
Mai-Linh's Reader ReFash!
Dye It! Lemon Sherbet Dress