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Go Big Blue!

DIY Steve Zissou Costume from The Life Aquatic
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

When I put this dress on, I was immediately reminded of my beloved and bizarre high school mascot.

Go Big Blue! 2
It's big. It's blue. And it's coming for you!

Unfortunately, I was unable to find any pictures of Big Blue.  I even emailed my old high school, and was told Big Blue no longer existed and that there were no pictures.  Really?  None?  What’s going on here, RCHS?  Sounds like a cover-up to me!  Luckily, through the magic of Microsoft Paint, I am able to recreate him for you.

Go Big Blue! 3
Yep. It's basically Grimace, only blue, with a sailor hat. No lie.

Anywho…it was time to make this blue blob wearable.  First, I removed the shoulder pads, which were both sewn and velcroed in!

Go Big Blue! 4
No more pads of shoulder!

Then, I trimmed off some of the length from the bottom of the dress, as well as the sleeves.

Go Big Blue! 5
Chop! Chop! Chop!

I decided to leave the edges raw.  The fabric was a soft polyester/cotton blend that wasn’t going to fray, and I thought hemming this dress would make it look fussy, rather than fun and flowy…and fussy is definitely not part of my MO.

Still, the dress was too big for me, so I turned it inside-out, and pinned it on the sides, taking it in about 2″ on each side.

Go Big Blue! 6
Shaping it up!

Next, I ran each side through my machine!

Go Big Blue! 7

Here’s the view from the other side of my machine.  To give you an idea of how much I’m taking in/what it looks like at this point, I left my white thread in my machine.

Go Big Blue! 8
It's coming along!

Once I took in both sides, I trimmed off the excess fabric.

Go Big Blue! 9

Then, I cut a piece of fabric from the cut off portion from the bottom of the skirt to use as a sash.  I decided not to leave the edges raw, so it went with the hem and the sleeves where I did the same.  How’d it turn out, you ask?

Go Big Blue! 10
That hunk 'o blue is now something new!

I paired my new dress with one of my favorite cardis…another dollar find.

Go Big Blue! 11
Sans Cardi!

I was fairly pleased with this one.  I was feeling easy and breezy all day long!  🙂

Go Big Blue! 12
Hearting some Garden Bistro!
Go Big Blue! 13
Hearting Garden Bistro's Sweet Tea with Lemonade!


DIY Steve Zissou Costume from The Life Aquatic
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

7 thoughts on “Go Big Blue!”

  1. Usually I’m a stickler for finished hems, but I wanted this dress to be free to flow. Any hemmage would’ve prevented that…although I like Lindsay’s suggestion of adding a second strip of material to the bottom. I’ll have to remember that for a future refashion. 🙂

    And yes…Big Blue was kind of awesome, and I’m sad he’s been retired. 🙁

  2. I love Big Blue but you are way cuter in the formerly big, now right-sized blue dress! Blue + yellow = beautiful combo.
    Raw edges are fine – a poor hem can be un-cute.

  3. Hmm that hem would be problematic. It looks fine unhemmed, from what I can see! i guess if you really wanted to work on finishing the edge you could layer another unhemmed strip of fabric just peeking out under the edge to that it was clearly *meant* to be left alone.

    P.S. Gimme that cardi! 🙂


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