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I’m not a big sports fan (as in at all), but when Super Bowl Sunday rolled around, I needed something cute to wear for a get-together with friends.

refashionista kimono style dress refashion before
The show must go on!

I’ve had this dress on my refashion rack for ages, and it was about time I got around to using it.

It seemed silly to not refashion it when it was the only thing in one of the team’s colors (Carolina Panthers)…and I do live in the Carolinas so…there ya go.

Back to the dress.

This is one of those 80’s frocks that was created by someone who thought while women were making headway in the workforce, they still weren’t quite capable of executing their own layering.

At least that’s the only explanation that comes to mind for the existence of that white thing that was sewn in.

This is why it had to be removed, along with those massive shoulder pads.

removed shoulder pads and inner bib

I didn’t care for the buttons that made the sleeves poufy either, so they had to go as well.

removing buttons
Later! This dress will be better off without you. 

Next, I unpicked the front of the dress a little with my seam ripper.

I wasn’t in the mood to layer at all, which meant I needed to unpick each side enough to fold them over to a decent neckline level and restitch them.

unpicking front of dress
Pick pick pick…

When I was done, the front looked like this.

Crossing over front of dress on dress form
Crossing over

I liked where this was going!

I added a few stitches to my new neckline…

sewing neckline
Just a lil.

…and then tackled that awkward length.

cutting off bottom of dress

After a quick hem, I was all done!

hemming bottom of dress
Kimono Dress Refashion after
Go Panthers!
Kimono Dress Refashion after 2
If only I cared about football…


Kimono Dress Refashion before and after
Free Fashion Books, Courtesy of The Met
Anne's Dramatically Groovy Reader ReFash


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