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Grecian Statuette Dress Refashion

An Asymmetrical V-neck Dress Refashion
A Very Frustrating Nautical Romper Refashion

It’s been cloudy and grey here in Sunny SC as of late.  Rather than rebel against the color scheme surrounding me, I decided to just go with it.

grecian statuette dress refashion before
Good morning!

This dress is full of blah, but for $1 I thought I could make something better out of it!  

First, I chopped off everything below the side slits that you can’t really see it the “before” pic (sorry!).

dress refashion cutting hem

Next, I took in my new dress about 1″ at the top and then 1/2″ near the hips (as I’m more hippy than busty).

sewing new seam for refashioned dress

Then I gave my dress a new hem by folding the bottom under once.  

Since this piece is made of tightly-woven polyester fabric, that edge won’t fray a bit (and I needed the length).

Hemming refashioned dress

These alterations left me with a dress that was better-fitted and shorter, but still pretty boring.

But I didn’t stop there!

I took one of the cut off panels and snipped off the bottom hem.

Snipping off bottom hem

Then I took the other panel, folded the raw edge over by about 6″, and pinned it to my new frock at one shoulder and the opposite hip.

draping fabric for refashion

I stitched my new drapey thing down at both points…

stitching down detail on dress

….then used that cut-off hem as a sash to give my waist just a bit more definition.  

I tied it in the front under the drapey thing.

Check out that blah frock now!

grecian dress refashion after
Toga! Toga! Toga!
back of finished dress refashion
View from the back!

I wore my sorta Grecian dress for a ladies’ night at 116 (a favorite local restaurant) with two of my favorites!

refashionista with friends
Hello laaaaaaadies!
dinner at 116
Oh yes. Noms were had.

Kaitlin (aka The Wine Snob) even brought me a bottle of her (and two of her ginger brethren’s) new wine, Ginger Ninjas!

Kaitlin of The Wine Snob
Watch out. She’s a ninja.
I CANNOT wait to try this!  :)
I CANNOT wait to try this! 🙂

I really like the sculptural look of this new frock, and I like that it’s an easy look to replicate.  Whaddayouthink?


Grecian Statuette Dress Refashion Before and After
An Asymmetrical V-neck Dress Refashion
A Very Frustrating Nautical Romper Refashion

49 thoughts on “Grecian Statuette Dress Refashion”

  1. I love this! I’m so sick of all of those “granny material draggin” maxi dresses… gonna buy one on the cheap and try this.

  2. I’m driving over from Chucktown for the Mizzou game this Saturday. Can you bring your scissors and sewing machine over to our tailgate off Market St and design me a “refashionista” from a dress I found for $1? I’ll provide the food, drink and jello shots!!!! GO COCKS!

  3. This is one of my favorites! I like the different color hem.

    I saw you said, “mini whirl.” Are you still using the travel machine at times? Starts with a J? I want to get it for myself (don’t want a big huge one these days) and one to teach my youngish kids. Still a good choice in your opinion? (Thanks)

  4. Definitely one of my favourites to date… I do a bit of sewing myself and am really tempted to give this look a go. Hope you don’t mind?

  5. I really liked the end result of this refashion. AND, you cannot go wrong with a wine from the Willamette Valley in Oregon – I grew up there, and know a couple of wine makers, some of the best wine in the world!

  6. You’re amazing!!! You seem fearless when it comes to cutting up dresses! And the refashions you come up with!!!!! I was looking at some things at Goodwill today and wondering how and where to start!! You should give us a tutorial on how to get started!!!!!!

  7. Inspired! I love the drapey look and it could be done on any size of dress. I think it might be good for hiding a bit of tummy, too, for those of us who have that problem.

  8. Suuuuuper cute! Love the detail. Is it me, or does the hem have a lighter, contrasting color of thread? You may have mentioned it and I missed reading about it. The fit is awesome too 🙂 Great work!

  9. You are ‘totes amaze-balls’ as our students would say. I wish I had space for a dummy so I could drape and shape properly 🙁 I can’t even find someone to repair my sewing machine at the moment so am doing stuff by hand (not my top skill)

  10. I think I like it!

    Also with the previous post, kudos for not giving up on the dress with a man buldge lol

    I swear I learn so much about sewing on your blog, it’s a real treat!

    Thank You 🙂

  11. I love it, very creative!!

    Suggestion: Help us ladies learn how to creatively put pockets on dresses to hold our cell phones. I miss calls and texts if I put my phone in my purse instead of a pocket. iPhones are so big, even before the latest and greatest even bigger ones.

  12. I really liked this one and you could also put the other piece on going in the opposite direction for another look. I would like to try this one myself


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