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Happy Birthday Frumpy Collared Dress Refashion

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When my friends and I decided to plan a surprise birthday party for two of our favorite gentlemen who have reached a certain *ahem* landmark age, we went with a (playful) funeral theme.  

This meant I needed something black, but not too severe for this fun fete!

Sadly, the only thing I had on my Refashion rack was this vaguely nun-ish number:

frumpy collared dress refashion
This dress needs your prayers, folks. :/

As I wash everything before I work with it, I was sad to see that cute collar got some very noticeable black color bleeding on it.  :/

collar with color bleed
Bummer. :/

At least I had those lovely pearly buttons!

Isn't it adorable?
Isn’t it adorable?

To get started, I removed a shoulder pad.  

Yep.  Just one.  Apparently the previous owner for this frock had one muscle-y shoulder and one weak one.  😉

single shoulder pad
Flying solo!

See those lame side tie thingies in the first pic?  Yeah…those went buh-bye as well.

removing side ties from dress
It’s for your own good!

Next, I carefully snipped off that discolored collar.  

Normally I would use a seam ripper to do this, but I knew I wanted to deepen the neckline for this refashion, so cutting off a little extra fabric wouldn’t hurt anything.

Snipping off collar

Next, I grabbed my seam ripper and got to work on those sleeves.

I watched the worst TV show of all time while I picked them off.

I hate it, but I can't stop watching it.  Grrrrrrrr!!!!
I hate it, but I can’t stop watching it. Grrrrrrrr!!!!
seam ripping
Under the Seam Ripper
ripped off sleeves
Despite being incapable of sentience, these sleeves are far smarter than any of the inhabitants of Chester’s Mill.

All this snipping and ripping left me with a bunch of raw edges to pin down, and that’s just what I did!

pinning raw edges of refashion
Fray no more!

I stitched my new neck and arm holes down.

sewing new neckline down

This dress was still too blousey for me, so I got to reshaping/tailoring!

tailoring dress on dress form
Shaping up!
Stitching new sides
Stitching those new sides!

I trimmed off the excess fabric, then did one more lil chop!

Shortening length of dress
Temps are in the upper 90’s here, folks. Length just won’t do!

I stitched a quick hem, then sewed those two side tie thingies together to make a mini-sash!

stitching refashioned sash for dress
Just a quick lil whirr!

Just like that, I was ready to run out the door to a wonderful party for two wonderful fellas!  🙂

frumpy collared dress refashion after
I dunno…that guy behind me doesn’t seem to dig it. :/
The Birthday Boys
The Birthday Boys! 🙂
Erin wore white
One of these things is not like the others…as in somebody didn’t follow the “funeral” dress code….ERIN.
birthday cupcakes
It’s a cupcake explosion!!!
Happy Birthday Frumpy Collared Dress Refashion 2
Hmmmnnn…There’s that guy again…


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