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Happy Holidays: A Muumuu Refashion

Refashioning a (Badly) Handmade Dress
A '70s Terry Cloth Dress Refashion & My First Pecha Kucha!

Hello everyone, and Happy Holidays!  

I hope yours have been just lovely and that you’ve spent them with those you hold dear, whoever they may be!  🙂

When I woke up Christmas morning, I eagerly rushed to my refashion rack.  I had been holding on to something very special for December 25th.

Muumuu Refashion before

When I was in Hawaii a couple months ago, I couldn’t resist picking up this awesome muu muu with its happy Christmas colors!

Then the waiting game began.

I waited patiently until Christmas and was happy to start chopping into to this ruffly frock!

First, that top ruffle had to go.

cutting off ruffle

That bottom ruffle quickly followed!

cutting off bottom of dress
Do you see a future skirt in that ruffle? I sure do!

In chopping off that bottom ruffle, the length of my new dress was quickly approaching the danger zone of too short!

No worries!

In order to make the smallest hem possible, I serged the bottom edge to prevent fraying, then pinned it under once about 1/2 inch.

pinning small hem
Just a teensy hem!

I stitched it down…

sewing dress

And just like that, I was all done and ready to spend a very Merry Christmas with some terrific friends in my sweet refashioned muumuu!  🙂

Oh!  and just look at my fantastic Christmas present!

Muumuu Refashion after

Ooookay…I’m just kidding!  This sweet ride belongs to my friend’s husband.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t pose with it!  🙂

Muumuu Refashion with motorcycle
My posing needs a lil work…

Erin and I spent the afternoon catching a much-anticipated film!

Into the woods poster
Into the Woods…It’s time to go! 🙂

That’s right! Into the Woods!

Erin and I were quite excited about it!

Jillian and Erin
Happy Christmas pals!

We even stopped for…ahem…refreshments beforehand!

small boxes of wine
Juice Boxes for grownups!


Muumuu Refashion before and after
Refashioning a (Badly) Handmade Dress
A '70s Terry Cloth Dress Refashion & My First Pecha Kucha!

17 thoughts on “Happy Holidays: A Muumuu Refashion”

  1. I love your blog and enjoy your refashions, but this one, while you did improve it, really is too bad to improve. It looked like a cross between Star Trek and Little House on the Prairie. I love your sense of humor and you are a great stylist and sewist.

  2. I had not heard of “In The Woods”. I am going to check when it will play in Swedish Theatres. Thanks for the tips.

    The dress is well made but I hate to say, that it is still ugly. I apologize if I hurt your feelings. I think this is the first one that I have ever thought that about. That is pretty darn good record considering how many refashions that you have done. You have inspired me to pull out my sewing machine and fall in love with sewing again. Thanks for such inspiration.
    Happy New Year.

  3. Hi….Merry Christmas to you too. I have been following you for quite a while now. I wish I could sew like you. Too bad you don’t teach…….

    • Yeah, leggings can really help to make an outfit more trendy and really give our legs lots of flavor. There are so many colors and patterns to play with in design. She did do a great job on that dress. My goal is to start doing my own redesigns and clothing adjustments in 2015. Hopefully, I will be as great as she is.


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