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A Happy Thanksgiving Fall Housedress Refashion

Mod-Inspired Brunch Dress Refashion
Kaylinn's Reader ReFash!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!  ðŸ™‚  I hope you had a wonderful one spent with loved ones amongst many delicious foods!

Before I show you my latest refashion, allow me to introduce you to my new foster pup, Bosley!

Syncronized Dachshunds!
Synchronized Dachshunds!

Bosley will be staying with me while he recovers from some pretty terrible neglect he suffered before being surrendered into foster care.  You’ll be happy to learn that he’s doing really well (and loves playing with Douglas). Methinks he’ll find his forever home really soon.  ðŸ™‚

When I woke up yesterday, I realized that I had nothing to wear for a Thanksgiving gathering with friends.  

I threw on a housedress to contemplate my conundrum…


This would make a perfect Thanksgiving Day frock!  Look at the pretty fall colors in this homemade $1 housedress!  And I just LOVED those big vintage red buttons.

The shape needed some work though.

The sleeves were actually perfect how they were.  But I got to work taking in the body of this frock.

A Happy Thanksgiving Fall Housedress Refashion 4
Lots of pinning!
stitching side seam
Some stitching!
serging side seam of dress
Aaaaaand serging that raw edge!

As I tailored my new dress, I noticed a few tiny holes. No worries!  I got to mending!

hand sewing hole in dress

With those tiny holes repaired, I chopped off a bit of length from the bottom of my new dress.

cutting off bottom of dress
Just a simple chop!

It got a new hem…

pinning bottom hem of dress
Pin & Stitch!

…then I sewed down the bottom of that front placket to keep any crotch-gaping at bay!

sewing dress

After a quick press, my Turkey Day dress was ready for a delightful (and food-laden) gathering with some of my favorite folks!  ðŸ™‚

housedress refashion after
So comfy!

I think this refashion has a fun 60’s feel to it.  What do you think?

orange housedress refashion after
Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

I accessorized with matching tights (of course!) and a pretty vintage brooch I scored at our local farmers’ market.  ðŸ™‚

orange housedress refashion after closeup
Can we just agree to bring brooches back in style? Please?

Great times were had with some pretty terrific people.  ðŸ™‚

Marques takes photobombing to a ninja-like level!  :)
Marques takes photobombing to a ninja-like level! 🙂
Refashionista and Amauri
Hi Amauri! 🙂
Refashionista and Amauri's Mom
I love Amauri’s mom, Elena! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
refashionista and friends gathered for thanksgiving
I am SO thankful to have these people in my life! 🙂


orange housedress refashion before and after
Mod-Inspired Brunch Dress Refashion
Kaylinn's Reader ReFash!

56 thoughts on “A Happy Thanksgiving Fall Housedress Refashion”

  1. Fabulous dress. And, brooches are not gone. I have a boatload of brooches and find them all the time at TJM/Marshalls and consignment stores. Many stores have pins. I wear them all the time on my outfit and on my coat.

  2. Bosely is adorable. You have cute dogs. I like your outfit. I find that the top bodice does not work for a large bust. I have so enjoyed your site. It has given me a lot of inspiration to pull my sewing machine out.

  3. I adore your blog. Been sewing for 40 years and you are truly amazing! I was just wondering….I really liked your “turkey day” dress but hated the buttons. I thought it aged it. Do you ever change the buttons? I get mine when I can on clearance or atleast at 50% off sales. I also cut some off clothes. I have quite a stash. Changing the buttons can be an even bigger improvement. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to your next refashion.

  4. Very harvest mod Jillian~~~ loving this one! I am currently looking for an all around machine with serging capabilities. What machine did you use here?

    Thanks darlin!

    • Thanks so much! I couldn’t find an all-in-one, so I opted for the two machines. I really like my Reliable DreamStitcher and would happily recommend it. 🙂

  5. Beautifully done! I am very impressed that you had tights to match as well as brown boots with an orange zipper! You truly are THE QUEEN……..

  6. As cute as the outfit is, the colors of candy corn, I am most taken by Bosley. God bless you for taking him in. We have adopted 5 rescues total. 2 were lost to cancer and the other 3 are safe and happy. Me thinks Bosley may have found his forever home already. 😀

    • Bosley is an amazingly sweet boy. I absolutely adore him. AND he has his first meeting with a potential forever dad today! Fingers crossed! 🙂

  7. I love Elena’s overcoat! It looks vintage chic. I adore your cute frock too. I think you can pair it with flats and wedges too. I agree, brooches should be brought back! I wish I still had the hand me down ones I wore as a child. I felt so grow up wearing them.

  8. I love the dress! It is so perfect for Thanksgiving. I so look forward to your posts. I love each one and find them so inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. All your refashions come out so cute! I am so glad that I found your blog, and enjoy your emails every time. I learned to sew from my mom, and am so glad that she shared that gift with me. I teach 4th graders, and as one of my ways to de-stress is to sew!

  10. Your posts light up my day. Super cute frock. I’ve got a question for you. What brand of serger do you have, what made you pick that brand and would you recommend it? (So that was actually three questions…)

  11. Trés cute boots too! Well done, as usual. Fall is my favorite season for fashion, and I love the colors. There are lots of us who are thankful for you as inspiration by the way.

  12. CUTE!! Who ever thought a housecoat could be do fashionable!! Perfect waistline for Thsnksgivjng too…nothing tight or constricting!

  13. I wish I could find a great gingham or plaid for this holiday, I already have the pin and sweater. I have only recently found that clothes come in colors and I have to say my wardrobe is still lacking in the fall colors department. I would run to the GW today because I’m sure all the clothes are half off but alas it means more to me to not spend money today so stores will clothes and people can be with family. This is a great refash you really make these house dresses into something wonderful.

  14. VERY retro, very cute! Reminds me of something I owned in the ’60s……long ago enough to be retro and not just old-fashioned….HA!


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