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Happy Thanksgiving Romper to Dress DIY

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Living in the south means we get several really warm days well into late fall and winter.

I LOVE this, as I hate being cold, but it sometimes makes it challenging to put together an outfit that feels “fall” while still dressing appropriately for the weather.

When I found this romper months ago, I knew I wanted to turn it into a dress, but I wasn’t quite sure when I’d do so.

refashionista Romper to Dress DIY before
But wait…this doesn’t look “fall” at all!

A quick check of the weather forecast for Thanksgiving revealed temps would be in the mid-70’s.

I decided it was time for some romper to dress DIY action!

Want to refashion a dress into a romper instead? I’ve got you covered!

Before I got to the de-rompering part, I first dyed my romper a more autumnal hue.

I chose a mix of these two dyes.

brown and orange rit dye
3 parts orange to 1 part brown.

I prepped my dye bath according to the instructions on the bottle, and submerged my romper for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally.

romper in dye bath
It’s taking the dye quite nicely!

After the 40 minutes were up, I dumped out the dye and rinsed my romper in my washing machine using the permanent press cycle with cold water.

Turning a romper into a dress is easy.

I woke up Thanksgiving morning at 5am(!!!!!) to finish my refashion, since I’d also need to help get the house ready for Brian’s parents who would be joining us for our Turkey Day meal. 🙂

I made myself an eggnog latte (a holiday favorite of mine), and got to ripping!

cat orgy mug and seam ripper
Coffee just tastes better out of a vintage cat orgy mug.

I picked open the crotch and inside legs of the romper.

seam ripping crotch of romper

When I was done, I put the romper on my dress form inside out and pinned the new bottom front and back of my soon-to-be dress.

romper with unpicked crotch on dress form
Soon your transformation with be complete!

Here’s what it looked like from the front:

pinned front of romper to dress refashion

And here’s the back:

back of romper to dress refashion on dress form
Just pin a straight line!

While my dress was on my dress form, I went ahead and pinned the sides as well.

pinning sides of dress on dress form
If your romper fits you just fine, you can skip this step!

As this dress was for Thanksgiving, I left it fairly roomy, especially in the waist to make room for all the tasty noms I’d be consuming.

As I pinned, I noticed there were a few small holes I hadn’t noticed before!

close up of holes in fabric
Oh no!

I grabbed a needle and thread and got to mending!

mending holes by hand
Just a little hand-stitchery!

I took my dress off my dress form and got to work stitching the pinned parts down.

First, I sewed the front and back.

sewing front and back of dress
Just sew the straight line until you meet the point of the front & back seams that have no curve to them!

Then, I sewed the sides.

taking in sides of romper to dress

I cut off the excess fabric.

cutting off excess fabric with pinking shears
Pinking shears help to keep it from fraying!

Now for the bottom hem!

Reworking the front and back of the romper meant my dress’ hem was now an uneven mess.

Not to worry!

I cut a straight line across the bottom of my dress.

cutting bottom off dress
Fold it in half to make sure the sides are even!

Then, I folded the bottom under and pinned it.

pinning new hem for dress
Just a lil hem.

I stitched my new hem down.

sewing bottom hem
The final bit of sewing for this refashion! Yay!

If you look back at the before pic for this one, you’ll notice the back has a couple of tie thingies on the back which I didn’t really care for. So, I carefully snipped them out!

snipping off ties
removed side ties

Now I have a Thanksgiving dress I’m truly thankful for!

A Happy Thanksgiving Romper to Dress DIY after
Ready to feast in my comfy new frock!

I’m glad I went free-waisted with one!

A Happy Thanksgiving Romper to Dress DIY after close up
Come a little closer!

I styled my new dress with my pixie wig (Hello, Liza), a pair of burgundy boots, a beaded choker, and a favorite pair of burgundy earrings.

A Happy Thanksgiving Romper to Dress DIY after
Look Ma, no belt!
A Happy Thanksgiving Romper to Dress DIY after side view
From the side!
A Happy Thanksgiving Romper to Dress DIY after back view
You can’t even tell this was ever a romper!

I think my dress puts off some serious fall vibes. Do you?

A Happy Thanksgiving Romper to Dress DIY after on tiptoes
Do you like the hue I chose?

I really love the collar on this one too!

A Happy Thanksgiving Romper to Dress DIY after selfie
Such a cute detail I didn’t notice at first!

My dress and I enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving feast (mostly prepared by the talented Mr. Refashionista).

Somehow I completely failed to take any food photos, and very few other pics (There is no photo evidence of Brian’s dad being present, but I assure you he was) 😉 so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

thanksgiving potatoes
The ONE food pic we managed to capture. *facepalm*

While we sadly didn’t get to make our usual trek to Baltimore to spend the holiday with Mr. Refashionista’s sister’s fam, Mr. R’s parents were able to join us for a smaller (but still lovely) celebration. FYI…We’re in regular contact with them as they live nearby. Don’t worry…we’re being safe!

Hopefully things will be a little more normal next year. 🙂

Jillian and Brian
So thankful for this guy. 🙂
Nancy with Benson
Nancy loves her granddogs!
Jillian and Douglas
Douglas says hi!

I hope all of you had a safe and happy Thanksgiving! I’m so grateful for all of you. You let me share my weird thrifty passions with you (and are pretty nice about it), and that means more than I could ever express.


A Happy Thanksgiving Romper to Dress DIY before and after
Yield: 1 Dress

Romper to Dress DIY

A Happy Thanksgiving Romper to Dress DIY before and after

I refashioned a romper into a dress and you can too! Learn how in this easy romper to dress DIY upcycle tutorial.

Active Time 2 hours
Total Time 2 hours


  • 1 Romper


  • Seam Ripper
  • Straight Pins
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pinking Shears
  • Fabric Shears
  • Thread


  1. Use seam ripper to unpick crotch and inner legs of romper.
  2. Put romper on dress form, and pin a straight line down the front the back where you unpicked the legs. Note: There will be excess fabric, and that's okay!
  3. Sew along the pinned lines, ending where there is only a straight seam with no curve.
  4. Cut off excess fabric with pinking shears.
  5. Make an even cut across the bottom of your dress.
  6. Pin a new hem for the bottom of your dress.
  7. Sew down new hem.
  8. Press everything with iron.
My Fifth Chemotherapy Treatment: One More to Go!
DIY Ottolinger Deconstructed Sweater Knockoff

50 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Romper to Dress DIY”

  1. Hi ! I love the Romper to Dress Refash! I am having trouble accessing your latest post “That’s A Wrap (skirt)! post. I get a 404 Error!! Are you okay? I’m worrying about you!

  2. I read all your blog posts a couple of years ago, and recently caught up on your latest posts. You have inspired me to refashion my wardrobe from thrifts as often as possible! You’re so creative, and it’s inspiring.

    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and that you’re almost done with treatment!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! One of the things I’m grateful for is your blog, be it a fabulous refashion or a personal update. In 2021 I think I might be dying clothes and wearing wigs. Stay strong!

  4. I think one of the things that really adds so much to your refashions is that you are not afraid to just dye the garment before you start the chopping and remaking part. I really need to try that as I love a good refashion myself and I do have a few items that could benefit with a tweak in the color.

  5. It was such a treat to see your post today. I admire you for your creativity and your positive spirit. As always, a very cute transformation.

  6. Great refash as usual …love from very hot 44 degrees (about 111 fahrenheit) on east coast of Oz. Happy family days to you all over in the US.

  7. The colour of the dress turned out very autumnal indeed, love the styling (including Douglas)! Learned something new in the language area as well:). In Dutch the word ‘romper’ is only used for little baby rompers/onesies, so thanks for the language lesson as well as the inspirational blog. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Holland, but I still say ‘thanks’!

  8. I’m so glad that you can be thankful when your life isn’t exactly perfect. I’m praying for your complete remission. Happy Thanksgiving

    • Thank you so much! I get them from They have a great return policy, so you can try them on without risk. 🙂 So sorry to hear you’re also having to go through this right now, but I just know we’re both going to make it through!

  9. One of your best yet, and that’s saying a lot! So thankful for all you do and share with us. The color work on this ensemble is brilliant, with the jewelry the finishing stroke of genius.

  10. That color is fab! and styled with the burgundy love it all! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me— you up at 5 am, maybe I can do that too. Sending you tons of good wishes.

  11. Belle fête à vous et votre famille et grand bravo à toutes vos re-créations !!! Vous êtes géniale et j’ envie votre talent. Salutation de la France.

  12. We Canadians had our thanksgiving last month, but Happy Thanksgiving! to our best neighbors! You look lovely as always. Lovin’ Liza!

  13. I adore this refashion…especially that great color,. I’m glad you had a nice celebration. I tested COVID positive a few days before Thanksgiving, so all family gathering was off. Such a disappointing way to spend the day. This is a tough year. At least I’m not feeling bad. I guess I’m what’s called asymptomatic and the only reason I know I’m positive is that I must test regularly in order to access the seniors I advocate for. Keep up the great work of dealing with your diagnosis. You’re a trouper!!

  14. That dye project came out just gorgeous–and fall! And burgundy and orange/rust go perfectly. I’m an “autumn” so I would know that, LOL…. Sounds like one and all had a most thankful Thanksgiving! Looking forward to your next masterpiece!

  15. A beautiful refashion… love the colour change and the easy way of taking a romper to a dress.. Love the jewelry as well! All best wishes coming your way!

  16. Lovely! By the way, I know you’ve been doing it for a bit by now, but I love the addition of your ‘recipes’ on the bottom of your posts 🙂

  17. Following you for a good while, through a few “ hopeful “ relationships but so glad you “waited” for Brian. He is the BEST, hands down. Hugs to you both..and the dress is cute. I am more impressed with pairing burgundy with rust..have to try that. Stay strong ❤️❤️❤️

  18. I love your ideas. I have been doing things like this for over 40 years, to no applause at all, other than a raised eyebrow at “WHY”??? It is a fun challenge to thrift and gift, even if it only ends up in my closet. I pray for your healing regularly.

  19. My first thought when I opened this was “Yay, she must be feeling better – she used dye again!”. As much as I appreciate your refashions, your narratives and pictures are the best. Happy belated Thanksgiving.

  20. The dress came out adorable. I’ve been following your blog for years and you inspired me to start doing refashions of my own. I’m thankful I’ve found you and happy to see you’re doing well. Stay safe!


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