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Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Go Big Blue!
Deja Vu All Over Again

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody!  Whether you’re in a relationship with someone special or a swingin’ single, I hope yours was marvelous!  My V-day dress certainly wasn’t going to put anyone in the mood for fun and romance when I first put it on.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 2
looking way too much like my 3rd grade teacher

Yech!  Those hideously malformed shoulder pads!  Those too-short sleeves!  That icky length!  Plus, it was about as boring as it could possibly be!

Not to worry!  I have a plan!  First off, I removed the pads and the weirdo buckle-thing from the back of the dress.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 3

Oh…check these out…

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 4
Could this be a pocket???
Happy Valentine's Day!!! 5

I removed those silly fake pockets from the front of the dress with my seam ripper.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 6
Later, Fakers!

That’s better!  Next, I pinned the neckline into a more pleasing V.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 7
Gimme a V!

Then, I ran the neckline through my machine.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 8
Making the V happen

Now that my neckline was looking much sweeter, I immediately got to chopping off the not-so-sweet length.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 9

I pinned my new hem under, tucking away the raw edge.

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 10
...and then there were two. 🙁

I ran my new hem under the needle, and pressed all my new hems.

I still wasn’t satisfied.  This was Valentine’s Day, after all, and my dress was still a wee bit dull for the fancy schmancy dinner my fella was treating me to.

Luckily, I found these guys:

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 11
red buttons to the rescue!

I hardly ever buy buttons, thanks to my awesome tin ‘o buttons I inherited from my mom.  I removed the boring buttons, and put them in the tin.  I replaced them with these lovely red ones!  I thought they complimented the navy hue of the dress splendidly!

I pushed the sleeves up over my elbows, tied on a sash from a previous refashion, and my new dress was ready for an evening of romance!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 12
Feeling Festive!

I even got to break out my favorite coat.  I bought this for a dollar waaaay back in high school, and absolutely will never part with it (even if it only gets to come out for Christmas and V-day).  🙂

Happy Valentine's Day!!! 13
My faaaaavorite!
Happy Valentine's Day!!! 14
Tres chic, no?

Oh yes…be sure to check back here tomorrow, as I’ll be announcing a fun giveaway that will delight and inspire one lucky reader!


Go Big Blue!
Deja Vu All Over Again