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Hell on Wheels

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How to Update a '90s Dress by Shortening the Hem and Sleeves

Well would you look at this?  A not-so-swell fitting, heavily beshoulderpadded black dress!

Hell on Wheels 2 least it has pockets!

I’m having a hard time keeping a straight face in this time trip right out of the 80’s.  Not to worry kids….I have a plan! 

My plan was to hike up that skirt, shorten the sleeves, and take the top in through the waist.  I was getting all set up when my buddy Alex, who I was meeting up with in a couple of hours, asked if we could meet up for dinner first.  Yipes!  This cut an hour off of my time to fix this dress!  I was only going to have time for just a lil bit of sewing, then I’d have to wing it with the rest!

First off, I amputated these guys…

Hell on Wheels 3
Basement Kitteh contemplates the pads.

Then, I cut off the skirt a good bit.  I wanted it to fall a few inches above my knees.

Hell on Wheels 4

Next, I folded the raw edge under once and pinned it.  Usually, I try to fold it over twice to keep the raw edge from fraying, but this fabric is of the non-fraying, super-thick variety.  If I doubled it, it would look bunchy and weird.  Also, I couldn’t iron this dress (read the labels, y’all), so less bulk meant a more professional-looking hem.  🙂

Hell on Wheels 5
It's got more pins than my Ke$ha voodoo doll!

Then, I ran it through my machine, which was freshly loaded with black thread.

Hell on Wheels 6

Time was running out!  I kept the dress inside-out and gathered it at the elastic waist and safety-pinned it.  This quick fix took the waist in about 4 inches.

Hell on Wheels 7
a quick fix!

The sleeves were still suuuuper long, so I just pushed them up to my elbows.  The V-neck was a skosh too revealing, so I pinned it.  I threw on a belt and some tights and was ready to go!

Hell on Wheels 8
digging those built-in hand warmers big time!

 The back didn’t look too weird from my slacker-makeover either.

Hell on Wheels 9
Not too shabby!

I was super excited to get to see the documentary, Hell on Wheels, which gives you a fly on the wall’s view of the rebirth of roller derby in the early 2000’s in Texas.  It was moving and hilarious.  I have to admit, a good bit of it reminded me of Waiting for Guffmanbut I doubt even Christopher Guest could have imagined this one.  You should definitely check and see if this is coming to a town near you.

Hell on Wheels 10
These chicks are nuts, I tell you!

As a retired derby skater, this was a must-see.  🙂

Hell on Wheels 11
Richland County Regulators...Mount Up!

It didn’t hurt that the director, Bob Ray was there to talk about his film.  He was super-nice and not too hard on the eyes, either.  😉

Hell on Wheels 12
Director, Bob Ray pointing at his schwag!
Hell on Wheels 13
Oh hai, Bob Ray!

Fun times for a chilly SC night!  🙂

You're the top, top!
How to Update a '90s Dress by Shortening the Hem and Sleeves