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Helluu MuuMuu! A MuuMuu to Sleeveless Top Refashion

DIY Skinny Jeans from Flared Jeans
Cloudy Easter Caftan Refashion

Hi! A lot of you have been wondering what I’ve been up to and where I’ve been. First off, I apologize for making some of you worry.

I’ve been adulting, my friends. I have been doing some seriously hardcore adulting lately. 🙂

You see, I’m in the process of buying my first house!

I’ve been super busy with house hunting and really haven’t had time for much else. I can’t say much, as nothing is final yet, but I hope to have some really exciting news for you all very very soon. 🙂

In the meantime, I still need to de-stress, and nothing helps me relax and unwind quite like a fun refashion.

MuuMuu to Sleeveless Top Refashion before
Well, Heluu MuuMuu!

Ah! I so love a comfy muumuu. However, even a casual evening with friends should never be quite that casual.

I grabbed my seam ripper and took it to those sleeves.

seam ripping off sleeve
Pick. Pick. Pick.

This was taking forever, as they were triple-stitched in.

As I was in a hurry, I only unpicked the tops of the sleeves, and then cut out the rest.

I serged the raw edges and pinned everything under.

pinning arm hole of top
I <3 my serger.

I stitched the armholes down, then took in the sides.

pinned side of dress
Farewell, sweet pocket!

After the sides were taken in, I tried my new frock on and quickly realized how rusty I’ve gotten at refashioning.

This was not going to work. I looked about 7 months pregnant. :/

But I wasn’t about to give up. I hacked off the bottom…

muumuu with bottom cut off

Then, I gave it a new hem.

sewing hem of top

And now I have a fun 70’s-style peasant top!

MuuMuu to Sleeveless Top Refashion after
Complete with bellbottom jeans!

My fellas and I enjoyed a couple of local brews and tasty noms at The Twisted Spur.

Jillian and friends
Say hi, fellas!

So, I’m sorry I’ve been so woefully absent, but I promise to not be such of a stranger now.

I will also accept offers of physical labor for those of you who’d like to help me move next month.

Just kidding. That could get weird. 😉

Jillian and friends on sidewalk
Whether they realize it or not, these guys are about to be my moving crew. 😀


MuuMuu to Sleeveless Top Refashion before and after
DIY Skinny Jeans from Flared Jeans
Cloudy Easter Caftan Refashion