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The Dark Side of Vintage Recipes 4

The Dark Side of Vintage Recipes

I am not a foodie blogger. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook, and do so quite frequently…usually with something at least vaguely pleasant to show for it afterwards. I get most of the recipes I use from online or from my beloved Mastering the Art of French Cooking two-volume set. However, after my recent horrific cooking experience, even the vaguest thought of becoming a food blogger has been permanently bashed from my brain.

While ambling about the local blogosphere, I encountered a couple of posts that inspired me. One was, The Better Side of Vintage Recipes by April Blake, and the other was Cooking like a Modern Woman of 1976: The After Work Entertaining Cookbook by Anne Wolfe Postic. Both articles are about the many awesome recipes you can find in old thrift store cookbooks.

April has a considerable collection.
April has a considerable collection.

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