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No-Sew Thrift Store Dress Upcycle

1990s Merp to 1960s Mod Dress Refashion
A Splurge or A Steal?

Alright all…when I began this year, I started with a most noble goal of writing a post every day.

I don’t know what else to say, except that wasn’t realistic.

It just wasn’t.

“But wait! You did a refashion every day for a year four years ago! Why can’t you do it again?”, you may be wondering.

There are pllllllenty of reasons. My day job is more demanding. I have other interests (like cooking) that I want to explore. I miss reading. I travel a lot. Writing every day made it hard to actually sew anymore.

Most importantly, I felt I was losing the joy of this blog by trying to make myself post every day, and then feeling guilty when I had to take work home at night or wanted to make a good meal.

So…I’m done beating myself up with trying to post on the daily. :/

However, the blog shall go on, and I’ll post whenever I can. 🙂

Let’s start with this $1 thrift store dress:

no sew thrift store dress refashion before
Fresh out of the shower with a new frock!

This one has been on the Refashion rack for a long time! I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it until the other morning.

First, I chopped off a big chunk of that bottom hem!

Chopping off bottom hem of thrift store dress

Then I chopped off a good bit of those sleeves.

Chopping sleeve off thrift store dress
Chop 2

To make sure both sleeves were even, I laid the chopped sleeve over the other, then snipped.

measuring sleeves
Chop 3!

I snipped the leftover bottom scrap to turn it into a sash.

Snipping bottom scrap to make sash for thrift store dress

I tied that bottom scrap around my waist obi-style, and that was it!

no sew thrift store dress refashion after
Not bad for a no-sew!
no sew thrift store dress refashion after
It’s comfy, too!

I hope you’re not to peeved at me for my failure to post every day. :/ I hate to think I’m letting you guys down.

But, I think you’ll be happier with the quality of my posts when I’m not scrambling to just put something up every day.

refashionista no sew thrift store dress refashion
1990s Merp to 1960s Mod Dress Refashion
A Splurge or A Steal?