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I could be an airline hostess in the 60′s…

Blue Monday
It’s hip to wear squares!
I could be an airline hostess in the 60′s… 2
This dress (yes, it’s a dress, not 2 pieces) started out looking like something my 3rd Grade teacher would have worn with a completely non-flattering mid-calf length A-line skirt…Plus it was quite big on me.

First, I hacked off the skirt to a shorter length. Then, took in the whole thing a couple of inches on each side. This made the skirt just look plain weird, so I undid my seams on the skirt and re-shaped it to what you see here. But THEN I realized that the skirt was suuuuuper short! While I am certainly not opposed to showing a lil thigh, I wanted to wear this dress to work, soooooo, that explains that panel at the bottom. I actually like it better with the bottom panel, as it makes the bottom of the dress look more interesting. I even sewed it on with my awesome rainbow thread!

With the dress completed, I strapped on my bronzy gladiators, earrings, and a tiny vintage pin, along with the original belt (woot!) that was still with the dress when I bought it.

Not bad for a dolla.

Blue Monday
It’s hip to wear squares!
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