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If Clothes Could Talk

From 80's Meh to 60's Mod!
Hope's Reader ReFash!

What do you see here?

It's a pretty straightforward question, right?
It’s a pretty straightforward question, right?

If you’re thinking, “It’s just a pile of old clothes, right?”, you’d be correct.

But you’d also be wrong.

Last week, my friend James asked if I was still doing “that refashioning thing”, and if I’d like to take a look at a bunch of old clothes he had.  His mother passed away several months ago, leaving closets full of her old dresses.

I of course, said yes and thanked him for thinking of me.  I showed up at his house and we took on the somber task of sorting out his mother’s clothing.  As we sorted, I couldn’t help thinking about how these weren’t just a bunch of old dresses.  These pieces of clothing were a part of someone’s life.

It’s easy to get detached when you frequent thrift stores as much as I do.  Dated prom dresses are just funny.  But someone actively chose to bring each of these pieces into their lives.  That prom dress isn’t just a dress, it represents the excitement and giddiness of the original wearer.  Did she have a fun night?  Did she have a date?  Does she still even talk to him?

I think I reached a turning point that day.  What you choose to wear is one of the most personal and expressive choices you make every day.  Clothes aren’t just clothes.  They’re an outlet for expression…a way to let the world know who we are and how we want to be seen.

I’m just happy to be a part of their journey – giving them new stories and adding to their history.

I just wish clothes could talk.


From 80's Meh to 60's Mod!
Hope's Reader ReFash!