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In Housedress Heaven

Go Cocks!!!!
Always a bridesmaid…

I found about 10 of these at the $1 thrift store during my most recent scavenging expedition.  I almost bought them all, but settled on the 3 with the most interesting prints.   

In Housedress Heaven 2


 Not only are these perfect blank canvases for me to make three totally different looking dresses, they were also all handmade!  Some lady realllllly liked comfy housedresses and made them all from the exact same pattern.  I’m focusing on the one in the middle today.   

First, I trimmed a bit off the bottom.  this was going to become my sash.   

In Housedress Heaven 3


 Then, I snipped a slit down the front of the neck.  The original one was just too constricting, and I wanted something of the easy and breezy persuasion for the evening.    

In Housedress Heaven 4
Hot Snipping Action!


 Now it was time to finish everything up.   

First I needed to hem that raw edge at the bottom of my new dress.   

In Housedress Heaven 5
Ahem....A Hem.


 Next, I pinned down what would become the Vneck of my new dress.   

In Housedress Heaven 6


 Then, I fed it through my machine as well.   

In Housedress Heaven 7
Sewin the V.


 TA DA!  The Dress part is done!  Now all I need to do is refash a sash!  First, I took the strip of fabric I removed in the beginning, and pinned the raw edges together, inside-out.   

In Housedress Heaven 8
about to refash a sash!


 Then I ran it through my machine along the pinned edge.   

In Housedress Heaven 9
This sash be sewn.


 Then, I turned the whole thing right-side-out with the help of my trusty chopstick!   

In Housedress Heaven 10
Chopstick Skillz.


Finally, the sash was right-side-out.  I tucked the ends of the fabric tube I had just created in, and sewed those down.   

In Housedress Heaven 11
Sealing the sash. Nothing getting in. Nothing getting out.


 Oh yes…and you can’t forget this part…   

In Housedress Heaven 12
If you sewed it, press it!


 I threw on a black beret (growing your hair out sucks) and my fave black flats, and headed out to meet the Art Bar Players improv group for what would end up being a 1 1/2 hour hand of Cutthroat UNO.   

In Housedress Heaven 13
Jillian's Fave Card Game in all the World!


In Housedress Heaven 14


 Luckily, I brought these along for sustenance.   

In Housedress Heaven 15


In Housedress Heaven 16
Go Cocks!!!!
Always a bridesmaid…