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Easy Side Slit Skirt to Dress Refashion

Finish What You...Ugh! Patterns!
Raven's Reader ReFash!

Hi there.

I know.  It’s been a while.  Lots of you have been wondering what in the world I’m up to if I’ve decided to quit the blog, and if I’m just wandering around naked, as I haven’t done a refashion on here in a while.

Don’t worry.  The blog must go on!  I’ve just been taking a little break.  My apologies for not actually announcing said break.  It has been insanely chilly here in South Carolina.  Which I hate.  

When it gets this cold, I just layer up in sweaters and jeans and don’t really care how fashionable I look as long as I’m warm.  I’ve been huddling under blankets waiting for this cold snap to pass.  And waiting…And waiting…And waiting.  I’m convinced I’m incapable of creating my own body heat.  :/

Thankfully, the weather has gotten warmer again!  

I emerged from my nest of blankets and pulled out this skirt right here:

skirt to dress refashion before

I am not fond of this skirt.  It’s frumpy and blah.  But that color is nicely understated, and I’m a fan of its nubby fabric.  There’s potential!

To get started, I turned my skirt upside down and backwards.  

There was a slit in the back, and I pinned each bottom side of the slit down.

Pinned side slits
But wait…how in the world will I wear it now?

I stitched each side down.

sewing down sides of dress

This left me with a garment that looked like this:

refashionista in armless dress
Who needs arms?

There are a couple of obvious flaws in this design, and I knew just how to take care of them.

First, I turned my strange new garment inside-out and marked 6″ down from the new top on each side with tailor’s chalk.

skirt marked with tailors chalk

Then, I got to (carefully) seam ripping.

ripping side seam of dress
Just ripping the thread and nothing else!

This fabric was totally non-fraying, so all I had to do was make sure all of those teeny pick-off stitches were removed.

Now I have a fun new frock to frolic about in!

skirt to dress refashion after

I considered removing that bottom elastic and turning it into the waist of my dress, but I actually like the bottom just how it is.  🙂  All it needed was a skinny black belt.

My new dress was just what I needed for meeting up with friends to check out the inaugural lighting of the new marquee at our local non-profit theatre, The Nickelodeon!

You've come a long way baby!
You’ve come a long way baby!
We are pleased.
We are pleased.

So there ya go!  I’m back (I promise!).  Now I just need to get back to returning your emails.  🙂


refashionista skirt to dress refashion before and after
Finish What You...Ugh! Patterns!
Raven's Reader ReFash!