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Japanese Butterfly Garden Top

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Rally for the Arts: A Sleeveless to Strapless Dress Refashion

Today’s top reminded me of one of my wardrobe staples from when I was in high school.

Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 2
I wasn’t always fashionable you see…

I used to love love LOVE funky polyester butterfly-collar shirts.  Like crazy.  I had a closet full of ’em and I wore one pretty much every single flippin’ day.  I would throw one over a tank top, don a pair of Jncos (anybody else remember those???), spike my hair, and head out the door.  Oh yeah.  I was stylin’, y’all.  😉

Anywho…high school was I won’t even tell you how many years ago, and my personal style has changed quite a bit.  🙂  But when I saw this top, I grew wistful and nostalgic.  I loved its funky print that made me think of Japan, and I really missed owning something with a butterfly collar.  🙁  I’ve held on to this thing forever…not really knowing what to do with it.

Until now!  🙂

First things first.  I needed to get my new top nicely fitted before I did anything else!

Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 3
Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 4

After I took in my sides, I cropped off the extra fabric as well as the sleeves.  Then I did a bit more cutting.  It’s just too insanely hot here to have any sort of sleeves at all!

Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 5
Going sleeveless!

After cutting my new arm holes, I made several teeny triangle-shaped notches.  These will make it easy to fold them over for their new hems!  🙂

Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 6
Notch it! 🙂

Then I folded the notched edges under twice, and stitched them down!

Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 7
Almost done! 🙂

Now I have a fun new top for an evening of celebration!   🙂

Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 8
Wait a tic…Why am I so very happy? 🙂
Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 9
I mean…didn’t I just lose my job?


Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 10
Perhaps I’m just in a state of denial?

I have some AWESOME news to share with you, dear reader!  Governor Haley’s vetoes that would have cut all state funding for the SC Arts Commission have been OVERRIDDEN!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂  I am so incredibly happy to see what strong bipartisan support the Arts and the Arts Commission have in this state!  🙂

Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 11
You can’t spell “bipartisan” without “art”! 🙂

This of course means I have my job back!  🙂  Hooray for not having to be a hobo or start my own snuggling business for $60 an hour like this enterprising young lady.  🙂

Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 12
Seriously…this was the uniform reaction last time I tried to start a for-profit snuggling ring. :/

A big Thank You to everyone for their words of encouragement/advocacy/awesomeness during the last couple of weeks.  You’re all amazing.  🙂

Japanese Butterfly Garden Top 13



How to Crop Jeans
Rally for the Arts: A Sleeveless to Strapless Dress Refashion