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Jersey Tank from Old Tees!

Peplum Power!
Shark Tank Skirt

One of the reasons I don’t like buying sewing patterns is that once you’ve bought it and made the thing, you’re done.  I mean, who wants a wardrobe consisting of the same dress over and over????  I recently bought a pattern from Burda to make this awesome dress.  I thought I might be done with it, but then I remembered this sweet Kubrick tee I snagged for $1 at one of my fave thrift stores!  🙂

Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 2
Full Cotton T-Shirt

I hacked off the neck and wore it Flashdance-style a few times…then it became my fave pajama tee.  This would not do!  This tee is too nifty (and I’m too big a Stanley Kubrick fan) for it to be relegated to my pajama drawer!

I pulled out that dress pattern and got to work!

Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 3
Two Easy Pieces!

I didn’t really want another dress (yet!), so I only used the top part of my pattern to make a tank instead!  🙂

Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 4

You can see that I’m making the shoulder straps a little shorter for my tank.  No biggie!  They were just a little longer than I liked on the original dress (I ended up taking them in a smidge).

I dutifully followed the instructions from the pattern.  I had a few heavily cut-up tees that I harvested them hems from to make my binding for the arm and neck holes.

Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 5
Harvest Time!

After stitching them down, I took my tank and gave it a nice hi-low hem, keeping with the look of the original dress!

Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 6

Now my sweet new top is ready for a day at Bristol Motor Speedway for NASCAR!!!!

Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 7
This is a place where people go to watch other people drive around in circles.

Nope.  That’s not a joke, folks!

Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 8
Kubrick would be pleased!


Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 9
Tailgating with style! 🙂
Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 10
Loving that Hi-Low hem! 🙂

Of course it stormed a good bit, so I was stuck in this sweet ensemble for a couple of hours :/ :

Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 11
Keeps freshness in. Can’t keep NASCAR out! 🙂

I’m not much of a racing fan, but I am a fan of road trips with fun people, and new experiences!  🙂

Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 12
…like this fella! 🙂
Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 13
It’s bigger on the inside!
Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 14
I couldn’t help but hope Arthur Dent was behind the wheel with Ford, Zaphod, and Trillian in the pit crew! 😀


Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 15
Larry Blyth– Race Photographer.  😉


Jersey Tank from Old Tees! 16
Fun times! 🙂


Peplum Power!
Shark Tank Skirt

16 thoughts on “Jersey Tank from Old Tees!”

  1. Just found your blog and seriously LOVE IT!! I have a tote of clothing that I have been saving to refashion and oh the inspiration I have gotten! Normally I refashion to make into something for my boys, but hey why should they get all the fun? You are truly amazing I hope that I can make even 1 thing that is half as fabulous!

  2. NOW you’re getting the pattern thing!
    Take a TNT* pattern or two, plus a bit of this and a bit of that, and voila!, Frankenpattern*-style, you’ve got something new!

    *TNT=Tried and True, aka a pattern you already know fits
    *Frankenpattern = when you take the top of one pattern, the skirt of another, the neckline of another… – you get the idea.

    Check out whenever you’ve got a new pattern, to see what others have made from it. Their search function is quirky – use “advanced search” when searching for reviews of a particular pattern – but the wealth of info and experience there is huge!

  3. My hubby loves drag racing, but no so much on NASCAR,, However, it is an experience, one every person should try,, at least once. Yep, I am with you, beer, ALOT of beer. Cute top, enjoy seeing your work and reading your blog and, as always, looking forward to your next post.

  4. Heyyyy!!! My boyfriend was there! For the week. I can’t imagine watching a race for that long. I think my neck would begin to hurt from the repetitive motion…

    Very very cute top 🙂 I shall try this among the other projects I’ve been working on!


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