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Jonny Mob Dress

ReFashionista: Porch Edition
Wannabe Wednesday: a Skirt to Harem Pants Refashion

I haven’t posted here in several days.  Last Thursday I received the terrible news that one of my dearest friends died suddenly and completely unexpectedly.

He was only 27.


When I got the news, I immediately called another friend just to make sure this wasn’t some terrible terrible joke.  Then I curled up in bed.  I would wake up for a few minutes, eat a chocolate rabbit (after Easter sale impulse buy) then go back to sleep. After 9 rabbits, it really began to hit me.

“There’s no way I’ll make it through the next five minutes,” I told myself.  Then, five minutes would pass, then 10, then, 15, then 20.  A constant onslaught of all these minutes lapsing, then sitting on my chest…making it too heavy to breathe.

I’ve dealt with the death of loved ones before, but they’ve always been very old or very sick.  Jonny was young, healthy, and full of life.  Until he suddenly wasn’t.  I’m too young for my friends to be dying like this.  I’m too immature and emotionally ill-prepared, I thought.

I don’t even know how to explain how wonderful Jonny was.  He was the kind of guy who, if you were having a terrible day, would say “Hey!  Come over!”.  Then he’d pop open a bottle of wine and stare at you with grave seriousness while saying, “Well…I guess we’re just gonna have to dance this out.”  He called his friends “Darlin”’ and cared about something passionately or not at all.  He loved his friends and family with a beautiful and passionate loyalty.

And now he’s not here.  Friends of his from around the world (He loved to travel, especially to Scotland) commented on his facebook wall…sharing stories and well wishes for his grieving family and friends.  Even George Takei had a few wonderful words to share.  You can read more about Jonny right here if you like.

Jonny’s funeral was standing room only.  Even people who had never met him in person and only knew him from the Lord of the Rings message boards he liked to frequent came to pay their respects and share stories about this amazing young man.

Then his mom had a great idea.

We would have a flash mob.  We would have it at a place he loved. And we would dance to a song he loved to dance to. Jonny always danced with his hands in the air, so we would do that too.

Jonny was always incredibly supportive of my blog.  I tossed the pajamas and poor hygiene aside.  I needed to get back to refashioning (and bathing).

I began with this dress:

Meh.  Not bad.
Meh. Not bad.

This dress isn’t bad at all.  It fits alright and has a lot going for it.  When I found it for $1, I thought it would be perfectly fine as-is.

But why settle?

I grabbed a bottle of Wine dye…

Jonny and I drank a LOT of wine!  :)
Jonny and I drank a LOT of wine! 🙂

Here’s what it looked like in my machine:


And here it is now!

Jonny would approve!
Jonny would approve!

I like how the coral buttons and stitching contrast with the new color of the dress.  I think it’s much more interesting now.

<3 these guys!
<3 these guys!
Some of Jonny's wonderful family!
Some of Jonny’s wonderful family!
Hi Mark!
Hi Mark!

If you would like to check out our flash mob, here ya go (A big thanks to Clay for putting this together!)!

Did you watch it til the end?  Did you see my friend?


I’m still grieving.  I don’t know if I ever won’t be.  I still don’t know how to deal with this and find a “new normal” as his mom says.  I do know that I tell my friends that I love them more often now and am much quicker to offer a hug or a kind ear.

Can you do me a big favor?  Can you tell someone who has your heart that you love them?    Can you do it right now?   Life is too short.  Much too short.

Take care.

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ReFashionista: Porch Edition
Wannabe Wednesday: a Skirt to Harem Pants Refashion