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Keepin’ it Teal

Child's Play
All About an Awesome Applique

The first thing to grab my attention with this weird jacket-y piece was the color.  I adore teal.  Also, the fabric was super-light and silky.  Perrrrrrfect to make a casual Tuesday top.   

Keepin' it Teal 2
Judge's robe or graduation gown?


So what if it looked like a graduation gown?   

Keepin' it Teal 3
Math is hard!


Not to worry.  I was going to transform this hideous beshoulderpadded monstrosity into a cute tunic top.   

First off…these guys had to go.   

Keepin' it Teal 4
Ugh! Pads!


Next, I needed to close up the front.   It was apparently intended to be open, floppy,  and flappy, as it had no form of closure. I thought about turning it into a button closure, but instead took the lazy route and  just sewed it up the front.   

Keepin' it Teal 5
Pinned down the middle


Keepin' it Teal 6
artistic shot #1


Then, I hacked off that extra length.   

Keepin' it Teal 7
artistic shot #2


My tunic was shaping up, but it was still huge and shapeless.  I took it in 3 1/2 inches on each side and cut off the excess fabric.   

Keepin' it Teal 8
Trimming the fat!


Now that it was fitted, I just needed to hem the bottom under and press it.   

Keepin' it Teal 9


Keepin' it Teal 10


TA DA!  That’s it!  After rolling up the sleeves (casual was the word of the day) and tossing on one of my favorite thrifted belts, my tunic was good to go!  I wore it comfily at work…   

Keepin' it Teal 11
Sneakin' a pic at work


…and after work for some C&C (Coffee and Cribbage!)!   

Keepin' it Teal 12
Keepin' it teal!


Keepin' it Teal 13
If only I could get a Jonny Con Panna! *Sigh*


Keepin' it Teal 14
Marty just said something hi-larious!


Keepin' it Teal 15
Welcome to my Crib!
Child's Play
All About an Awesome Applique

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