A Kylie Jenner-esque Denim Dress Refashion 1
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A Kylie Jenner-esque Denim Dress Refashion

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When fellow Columbia blogger, Haley Sprankle created a Kylie Jenner-esque denim dress ensemble with a thrifted men’s denim shirt and challenged others to do the same, I decided to hop on board.

Click here to check out Haley's post.
Click here to check out Haley’s post.

I couldn’t care less about Kylie Jenner and her ilk if I tried, but even I had to admit this was a really cool look, and I wanted a comfy denim dress of my very own.

I also haven’t sewn a frock in a while and was craving something fun and new. 🙂

I ran to the thrift store and found this large men’s shirt for $1. I was kind of hoping I could do what Haley did, and just wear it as-is. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be.

More Walk of Shame than Kylie Jenner...:/
More Walk of Shame than Kylie Jenner…:/

Luckily, I had another denim shirt a coworker’s grandmother passed along to me that I had worn a few times before finding another I liked the fit of slightly better. Might as well get as much use out of it as possible, right?

You've been well-loved, little shirt.
You’ve been well-loved, little shirt.

I sliced the small shirt like so:


Then, I serged off that new raw edge.

Don't let the fray get in your way!
Don’t let the fray get in your way!

I removed the buttons from the second shirt.


Then, I measured to make sure I was placing the shorn shirttail at the very center of the larger shirt, and pinned it in place.

You'll be a new frock in no time!
You’ll be a new frock in no time!

I carefully stitched it down to the larger shirt, sewing exactly along the original hem with the same color of thread.


This left a bit of excess fabric on the inside. No worries, I just serged it again, this time right along the seam.


I tried on my new dress-to-be, and wasn’t too thrilled. It was still super duper baggy. I wanted it to be roomy like my inspiration piece, so I just took it in a smidge.

LIke this.
Like this.
Followed by this.
Followed by this.

Once I cut off the extra fabric, I ended up with this:

Not bad for $1!
Not bad for $1!

My new dress was light and flowy, two things I desperately needed to survive a 100 degree day!

Chilled rose spritzers help too!
Chilled rosé spritzers help too!

My new dress braved the heat to meet up with some of my favorite people for sushi at Inakaya!

Our ship has come in!
Our ship has come in!
It's so magical!
It’s so magical!
Oh hai!
Oh hai!
Methinks Kylie would approve!
Methinks Kylie would approve!

Let’s do a little fashion math, shall we?



Am I close?
Am I close?
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Last Refashion from My Old Place & a Sneak Peek at My New Place!


  • Alex Moen

    Yeesh. Some of your commenters are way harsh. I definitely do not like the whole trend that Kylie’s showing here (boxy, too short, etc.), so yeah, this wasn’t my thing. BUT I love your creativity and that you have the skills to follow through (I’ve been trying to figure out sewing for years), and I like your posts no matter what they are because it’s always something new and nothing I would have seen anywhere else.

  • hippychick

    You didn’t go where I thought you were going with this one. I thought you would use the shorter shirt as the yoke and cut the longer shirt and add it to lengthen.
    I *almost* like the end result you went with. While this isn’t one of my favorites,, I absolutely love that you did something unique and out of the box! I always love seeing what you’ll come up with and I can ALWAYS count on you to inspire me! Thank you for sharing your creativity with us!

  • anitacologie

    Someone will have to explain the offensiveness of the word “ilk.” Your version of this was much cuter than the others of it’s ilk. I like the color block effect of changing patterns and textures along hemlines and such. My legs are awful, but I could see styling that with dark leggings and having fun with it.

  • Merunikitty

    While I really do not care for the inspiration, I actually kinda dig the end result! It’s a little weird and a little wonky but honestly, that is how fashion is supposed to be. It isn’t supposed to be cookie cutter cardigans and poodle skirts or khakis and polo’s all day long. Personally, I think you rocked that look! Plus, you could honestly wear a paper bag and I would still think “Hot DAYUM, she’s got it going on!” Good job!

  • Melissa

    Loved the use of the word ilk. I think the kylie jenner, et. al. style is ugly, and therefore I don’t like the refash – but it’s not you – it’s the style. Kinda homeless-ish. No offense.

  • Morgan

    No, this refashion is completely badass for all the right reasons. Great job! Maybe you stepped out of your comfort zone but you sashayed right into mine.

  • laura bowie

    not my fave look you hve done but you pulled it off great anyway, i think if the hemline and some curve to it that i would have loved it, the extreme highlow from front to back put it off for me, but i love the word ilk, i must use it more. love your website, you are my greatest fashion inspiration!!

  • Sydney

    Not loving this one either, maybe it’s the old lady in me, but I sort of feel like you forgot your pants, but I feel the same way about the inspiration piece. Yet I think a little rework can save this one. take the light blue fabric off, cut it into two equal strips sew them together and give the entire top a bottom banding in the light blue. It will make it look less like a top without a bottom and more like a dress, which is what you were going for in the first place.

  • Marie

    I’m gonna go against the crowd with this one.

    I actually really love this. It looks artsy and cool, just like it’s seamstress.
    The off-center bit makes it for me.

    If you decide to do anything to it I think a chunk of lace tablecloth or curtain in the “hole” would look super awesome, and fix everyone’s TOO SHORT!!1!1! complaint. 🙂

  • Adventures of Making

    I’m really not into that sack that Kylie Whatsherface is wearing ( or those excuses of gloves that she paired them with) But I really like yours! Yes it’s a little different, but that’s exactly what I like about it!

    You’re managing to show some shape and leg in what is usually just a big blue bag. Well done! 🙂


  • Jenny

    Not loving this refashion, sorry. The word ‘ilk’ can be used as an insult so maybe that was what the unsubscriber thought? When used as an insult it is usually in a snobbish/ disdainful way – people of that ilk (meaning an usavoury/ lower class/ rough etc type). .

  • Delia

    You do such a great job making the frumpy outfits fabulous, but this one doesn’t work for me. You can’t win ’em all. I love your blog though!

  • crispellie

    I really like the asymmetrical hem, and I thought your design outdid Kylie’s. You have the gams to pull that off and the shoes are really cute. My $0.2.

  • Lydia fortier

    The word ilk to describe the Kartrashians is really civil & polite. Don’t care for either dress, but that’s okay. It reignited my creative juices to look beyond the traditional and just get bold. I actually have a pleater machine so I might refashion my fugly men’s shirt into some sort of smocked top. Keep rocking it girl!!

  • Fan from the upstate

    It may be time to refashion a t-shirt to have “ILK” across the front and back. As one of the “ilk” who check in regularly, thanks for your inspiration to do more with what we have. Best of Mondays to you!

  • Allison

    Close?! I’d say you outdid Kylie Jenner by a mile!! Even though I personally would never wear it (I prefer my denim in the form of jeans), yours is soooooo much cuter. And so are you 😀

  • Heidi

    I no longer feel so bad that this upcycle didn’t appeal to me, but then you are very creative so I can see where you could take it in a different direction.

    I wasn’t necessarily a fan of the inspi outfit. Not a fan of shirts as dresses. I do have to wonder what would happen if you belted your transformed out fit and wore it with skinny pants or leggings?! Or w long boots?

  • ot

    At first glance I wasn’t so sure, because it’s a different silhouette than I’m used to seeing. Now that I look at it again, I love it. This style is a welcomed direction on your blog for me. You took a trendy look made known by a very famous/infamous person in the media and made it your own. I grew up in northeastern Alabama, so I know how hot the South gets. I live in Malta now, still hot and humid, but at least I can dip into the Mediterranean sea to cool off. I would def wear something like this in the hot weather to cover my shoulders and show off my legs without having to wear shorts (but add a cool, vintage patch over the pocket!).

    Have you seen the denim smocks at (http://www.statethelabel.com/collections/smocks) at State, based out of Georgia (the US state)? For a moment I thought you were going to go into this direction. These are also a pretty great way to restyle a large man shirt.

  • Debra Jennings

    My first reaction was… “Did she really wear that out in public?” I’m going to have to agree. As much as I love what you do, this one is a fail.

  • alex

    Jillian you need to know that when others criticize you they are jealous of your creative out put. They are wanna be artists. It’s so petty to be critical. I graduated from
    Parsons so trust me on this one. Your energy and optimism helps me daily mainly cause
    I sew and knit my own clothes from existing garments it’s cheaper and velvets silk cashmere leather can be had without shelling over an artists income.
    I love everything about you and see myself in you. Please forget the audacity of others.

  • Tammy

    Not a fan of the look – I think it would look better with a belt. Love your blog and what you do though! Truly look forward to reading and checking out what you transform items into…wish I were as talented!

  • Reen

    So sorry… not a fan of this transformation. I blame Kylie though, nothing good ever comes from the Kardouchians. 😉

  • Danielle

    Gosh there isn’t alot of love for this one. But literally the only thing I would personally change about it is the main shirt being an inch or so longer in the front. It’s different and cute and if you are comfortable with that length then good for you! I like it…even if I don’t like Jenner…or her ilk 😉

  • Nancy

    “Ilk” is one of my favorite words. Please use it as often as possible. Also, you look adorable no matter what you wear.

  • Mary

    Nice to see you back. This was not my favorite either. You have done so many lovely re-makes, this was not one of them. The revised shirt without the lighter blue flaps would probably make a nice tunic top. Look forward to your next creation. Hang in there.

  • Judy

    Well, you tried. This is the only time haven’t liked your creations, at least on YOU. Take the light denim off that shirt, and you will have a great denim shirt again. I looked at this a dozen times. I can’t see ANY way you could combine them. However, save the tail of the light blue. You will someday need to make pockets out of it for a kickass skirt. Doesn’t it make you feel better now that you know we will tell you if we don’t like something?…because we have liked your creativity 99% of the time. And, we definitely read your posts and love to see what you come up with. You are a light in my otherwise boring day. Thank you.

  • Joyce

    I like it, but I guess I don’t understand the way it’s put together. Do the sleeves collar etc are the old top you already had? I do enjoy your blogs

  • Chickie

    Haha, I am laughing over the offensive word, ilk. The dress showed the led like the Jenner original but was still uniquely yours.

  • Cathie

    I am also not a fan. I think using the top of the small shirt as the yoke of new dress. I just hate the tail. You can’t win them all.

  • Catherine

    Anne: I do like this look and if you wear leggins it would look even more fabulous, yours fits Jenner’s looks like a last minute thought to just throw something on and get out of the house, sadly people think she is a fashion icon, not in my book.

  • Carolyn ingram

    Honey, don’t pay any attention to people that criticize your choice of words. You do a superb job with your blog. And ilk to her!!

  • Sarah Marcotte

    She must be part of the “ilk” 😉 lol Love all your stuff! Keep it coming! We need MORE!!!! ….. I think this was good without the extra bit at the bottom too tho. And also LOVE the new place :))))

  • Saskie

    Don’t give up using panels this way. “Flirty bits” sewn at the hem are an interesting refashioning tool. A row of lacy or other translucent panels meeting around the circumference might work. The super-short reveal would just be where the panels meet.

  • Stephanie

    Not liking this either. That doesn’t mean a hoot tho. As the above said…..if you like it that is what counts. I don’t know what “ilk” is either. To unsubscribe because of a silly word is,well, silly ! Keep up the creative ideas.

  • ann

    Not a fan of the Kar-Trashions. I think that K.J. didn’t want to get dressed up that day to go out on an errand and threw on that baggy old shirt.

    But, I like your version, much more feminine and attractive to step out in. However, I think it would be better with the lighter denim coming together in the middle of the front for a more completed look and a little longer. Add a little black belt, it would be so cute with it. You should play up that tiny waist. For fun I would use the lighter denim to add two generous pockets to make a perfect work dress.

    Love your stuff Jillian.

  • Lori

    Going with the masses on this one. They can’t All be a success. What would happen if you stopped branching out? Always appreciate your efforts. What is “ilk” anyway??

  • Alisha

    I love you to death and admire so much of what you have done, and how much you have learned. You have inspired me to start my own sewing business as a matter of fact BUT this one really didn’t do it for me. JS. Love you, but I can’t stand any of the Jenners and also the difficulty level on this was way low. I mean, how hard is it to make a denim box? That’s ok, still following, still love you, still interested!

  • lavadamalone/Sunny

    Oh Dear….I think I would have liked it better if you had cut the darker one in half, put the lighter bit you cut off the 1st shirt in the middle and then added the darker back onto the bottom. It just looks a bit too piecemeal and unfinished for my taste. But as long as you are happy with it- who cares what we think!!! You’re the Refashionista- and I’ll never UNsubscriibe from you!!! Hugs from one South Carolina Girl(living in Manchester,England) to another South Carolina Girl!!!

  • Judee

    I would have given you 3 stars had you added the ugly black gloves. Keep up the redesigning, just leave this look out.

  • Vanina

    Moi, je n’aime pas trop le look de KJ (en fait, je n’aime pas du tout KJ et sa clique 😉 ), mais je trouve que ton interprétation est très sympa et beaucoup plus intéressante que la tunique de KJ. Bravo!

  • Betty

    Dont get your feelings hurt. I normally love your refashion but really don’t care for this one. Too short and just doesnt meet your normal more professional looking standard. I’m also not a fan of the Kardashians and their ILK!

  • Molly

    Not a big fan of the kylie denim dress. I think the look is just too frumpy. I do love all your refashions though, you are very talented. And I am also a fan of the word “ilk” 😉

  • Kristine

    I so love your creativity and how you can find a gem in any clothing item. Great use of the word ilk! Keep refashioning because I learn so much and look at clothing so differently now!

  • Thea

    Although you have the gams to pull it off, I’m personally not a fan of such a short hem. That being said, I think your refashion and styling is *way* more interesting and cool (with maybe a hint of Japanese flair) than the original you and Haley were emulating…

  • Cindy

    Sorry kiddo, the asymmetry of the added denim doesn’t do it for me, I enjoy your creativity & especially up cycling talents. First time not so much.

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