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Laurel’s Reader ReFash

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Oh hai.

Yep.  It’s still me.  Still Dougie Doug blogging for Jillian as she sits in a tropical paradise sipping fruity cocktails.  Did I mention she’s left me with this weird guy who reads Faulkner and is trying to discuss The Sound and the Fury with me riiiight now?  Dude.  I’m trying to write this blog.  And I also happen to be a dog.  Just sayin.  Mom’s friends are so weird.

Today’s Reader ReFash comes from Laurel in Saskatchewan!

I have been planning this refashion for a long time. My “go to” place for thrift shopping is Value Village here in Saskatchewan. We do not see many deals for a dollar and I am quite envious of your thrifting opportunities. I am a consummate bargain hunter.

So much, in fact, that much to the chagrin of my fellow travelers, my last trip to the Gold Coast involved stopping at several thrift stores along the road between Florida and New Orleans.


I took 19 $1 ties back home in my suitcase. They made beautiful purses. Only the weight restrictions kept me from buying so much more.

I found these two T-shirts at Value Village and I am sorry I don’t have them on in the picture, but my goal was to make them into a dress. I loved the fading colors and the South Seas Vintage Club logo on the striped shirt. I did an intensive search for a complimentary shirt and finally found this Puerto Vallarta orange.


The plan for two shirts simmered in the back of my mind for months until the week before we were leaving for … ironically and oddly …….Puerto Vallarta! I decided I needed a new dress for the trip.

Cut and Cut.




More cutting and placing. I call it sewing by the “seat of my pants”. No pattern!

Pinning. Checking. Repinning.
The top and the bottom.


I added a pocket and my favorite accessory, buttons.

My serger made contrasting edges.

I used your idea from The Jersey Dress from old Ts

…and cut the hem and neckline from the orange shirt to use as edge binding for the armholes and pocket top.

A most excellent idea! Thank you!

I find if I stretch the binding as I sew it, the armholes don’t bulge at all.

Front and back.


…and now for the fun part!!!!



I want to go to here!
I want to go to here!

I really really like this, Laurel!  I especially love the “sewing by the seat of your pants” technique.  Thanks for the shootout to my mom!  When she gets back, I’m going to try to talk her into making a dress like yours!  It’s awesome!


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