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Lea’s Reader ReFash!

Hoppy to See You Top
A Corset Story

Happy Sunday, everybody!  🙂  The weekend is almost over (boo!), but I have a terrific Reader ReFash to share with you (yay!)!

This one comes from Leas in New Jersey, and it’s a BOGO!

Here is my “before” photo! The top & bottom together cost $10 at my local “Market Street Mission” in Morristown, NJ. It was a little pricey but it was for two pieces and I just LOVED that pattern!

"Hello my darlin'!"
“Hello my darlin’!”

For the top, I cut off the sleeves and took in the sides…and wound up with this!

So perfect for summer!  :)
So perfect for summer! 🙂

And for the pants, I laid them down on the ground and put a pair of my skinny jeans over them, then pinned along the same line.  I also shortened them a little! It was super easy and I wound up with these beauties!

My mind is officially blown.  I LOVE these!
My mind is officially blown. I LOVE these!

I love love LOVE this!  I especially love the pants.  It’s so hard to find pants/jeans that fit right.  But if you have a pair you love, you can just use them as a template!  Brill!

Bravo, Lea!  🙂

And guess what?  I have something pretty exciting in store for you tomorrow (the bold type shows I mean business!).  Be sure to come back and see!  😉



Hoppy to See You Top
A Corset Story

29 thoughts on “Lea’s Reader ReFash!”

  1. Really cute! I love the top and bottom. The before looks like it fit her but was very old lady-ish. I love the results and she is just adorable as well.

  2. Sooooo cute!!!! When I saw the before I thought not for me. Once I saw the after……fell in love and now the both pieces are totally my style. Great job and foresight.

  3. Okay this is awesome, especially the pants. The styling of that blousey top with the pants is just perfect. Loving the colours in your new background btw-not sure when you updated it (I read on mobile a lot these days) but most of the colours are ones I love so big ups.

  4. The “before” picture looks like pajamas. The “after” pictures are just awesome! For some reason, I was expecting her to turn the pants into a skirt, but making nice fitted capris works so much better with that cute print. Awesome!

  5. Wait- what the HECK? I posted the comment and it went to a completely different format- the post is NOW on a white background that wasnt there before. You are GOOD!!!! :-O

  6. Love the refash!!Two for one! BUT- I cant say the same for the new look of the blog hun. The combination of the colorful chevrons and the type that you can and then cant see over the chevrons have given me a thumping headache after only 15 minutes reading and catching up on what I’ve missed all week. Sorry sweetie- I LOVE your blog, but not enough to deal with the headache I’ve gotten. I’ll keep checking back tho to see if it’s had any changes that dont give me headaches. You are an inspirational gal that way, you know!! xoxox

  7. So cute! I keep forgetting to use well-fitting items as templates. With no dress form, this is one way to get a good fit.


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