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Make Your Own Refashionista Tees: 8 Free Iron-On Heat Transfer Paper Designs

My Cancer is Back...and it's Not Playing Nice.
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When I rebranded this blog a few months ago, I shared images from my new brand book that shared a few mockups of my logo and branding in several environments, including on merch.

A bunch of you asked where you could find these Refashionista tees and tote bags (that technically didn’t exist). At that time, the answer was, “Nowhere.”

This inspired me to reach out to my graphic designer to collaborate on a line of Refashionista merch, both branded and non-branded, for sewing enthusiasts and Refashionista fans!

I’m working with an ethical eco-friendly vendor to create custom screen-printed merch (coming soon!), but also wanted to offer something for folks who would rather remake a tee they already own (or have thrifted!). Refashionista is all about DIY after all!

That’s when I discovered NuFun Activities. They make several different types of transfer paper, mess-free paper & printable shrink film. They’re also a 100% woman-owned business, which I dig.

This post is sponsored by NuFun Activities (Yay!), but it still reflects my honest opinion about their product. Would I lie to you to make a quick buck? No. No, I would not.

NuFun Activities Transfer Paper
Kinda bummed I wasn’t invited for the best weekend ever. Just saying.

I’m releasing a limited run of Refashionista Tee designs for you to download, print, and transfer to show your love (or heck…I’ll settle for like) of this blog, sewing, and/or thrifting!

Here they are!

NuFun Refashionista Logo Tee
NuFun Resting Stitch Face Tee
NuFun Reduce Reuse Refashion Tee
NuFun Whirrrr Tee
NuFun Refashionista Let her rip tee
NuFun Refashionista Do you even thrift tee
NuFun Keep on Quiltin On Tee
NuFun Refashionista Big R Logo Tee

The downloadable PDF for all of these designs is at the end of this post!

Here’s how to make your own iron-on transfers!

I started off with three tees. The yellow one was thrifted, and the others were purchased new.

As per the instructions that came with my NuFun transfer papers, I washed them all beforehand.

If you’re using a thrifted tee, make sure it doesn’t have any pilling, or the image won’t adhere correctly.

three t-shirts on table
Three Tees!

Then, I printed out my designs onto my papers.

printed t-shirt designs
Wait…this looks odd!

You’ll notice they’re all printed in reverse. This is intentional! In order for the designs to print to be read from left to right, I had to mirror them.

Don’t worry! The printable PDF of these (at the end of this post) is already mirrored for you!

I carefully cut around one of the designs, leaving the edges rounded.

cutting out transfer paper design

My plan for this design was to put the big logo on the front of my tee and the small one on the back.

refashionista logos cut off transfer paper
So far so good!

I ironed the front of my shirt on high heat (no steam!) to remove any moisture and/or wrinkles from my tee.

ironing front of Tshirt
Make sure to turn the steam setting off!

Then, I lint rolled it to make sure the front was totally debris-free!

lint rolling front of tee
Better safe than sorry!

I laid my design on the front center of my shirt.

transfer laying on shirt
I measured just to be on the safe side!

Now for the fun part!

I ironed my design down on high heat using small circular motions for two minutes (the time indicated in the instructions).

ironing transfer onto shirt
I’m getting excited!

After my two minutes were up & while the transfer paper was still hot, I peeled the backing off!

peeling backing off heat transfer
But will it work???

I was really happy with how my very first Refashionista logo tee turned out!

refashionista logo ironed on tee
Oh. My. Gah.

I also added the small logo to the back of my tee. on tee
Click here.

Of course, I couldn’t wait to put on my very first piece of self-promotional clothing!

refashionista in refashionista logo tee closeup
It looks SO good!
refashionista in NuFun Refashionista logo tee
My new favorite T-Shirt!

I wore my new tee with one of my favorite $1 thrifted skirts!

refashionista in NuFun Refashionista logo tee and long skirt
I love the orange and green together!

To care for my new tee, I’ll have to make sure I only wash it in cold water inside-out and hang it to dry, but considering how pricey a screen-printed tee would be, I think that’s fair.

refashionista in NuFun Refashionista logo tee selfie
You know you want one.

But what about those other two T-shirts?

Well, I couldn’t resist creating this design.

resting stitch face iron on T-shirt

And now I have the perfect tee to wear on my thrifting adventures as well!

Refashionista Iron-On Tees
I can’t wait to make even more!

I’d love to know which design is your favorite/which one you can’t wait to make for yourself!

Also, please use the hashtag #RefashNuFun & tag me in your socials if you make a tee of your own! I’d LOVE to see these designs out in the wild!


refashionista in refashionista logo tee arms up
Happy DIYing!

My Cancer is Back...and it's Not Playing Nice.
DIY Halter Top from Button-Up Shirt