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Manmosa Dress

Meet Me at the Alamo Drafthouse!
Thrifting in Austin, TX (and a Dress Refashion!)

Ack!  I was a “before” shot failure on this one my friends!  :/

Yeah...That's really helpful, eh?
Yeah…That’s really helpful, eh?

You’re looking at a wraparound skirt from my FAVORITE Austin thrift shop, Top Drawer Thrift!

It's quite amazeballs!  :)
It’s quite amazeballs! 🙂
I could live here!  :)
I could live here! 🙂
Dan finds a new friend!  :)
It’s a box…with a face…and a tie! 🙂
There are no words.
There are no words.
Meet Top Drawer Thrift's awesome staff!  :)
Meet Top Drawer Thrift’s awesome staff! 🙂

I found the following pieces to make the day’s outfit!

Mother of Pearl!  :)
Mother of Pearl! 🙂
A stylin' sash!
A stylin’ sash for 1/2 off!
1/2 off makes it $2!  :)
25% off makes it $3!

This was a completely No-Sew refash.  For breakfast, I wore it tied in the front with the sash around my waist and Dan’s stylin’ Brewgrass hat.  Our friend Randy came up for a visit from Houston!  🙂

That's a frozen grapefruit mimosa in front of me btw.
That’s a frozen grapefruit mimosa in front of me btw.  Yum!

After a bit of reflection, I decided to move the knot to the side.

That print is just perfect for Texas, no?  :)
That print is just perfect for Texas, no? 🙂

I wore my new frock to Banger’s, where I encounter the formidable and delicious Manmosa!

It's one liter of awesome!
It’s one liter of awesome!

Ladybird enjoyed it too!  😉

She's really cultivating a unique sense of style, isn't she?
She’s really cultivating a unique sense of style, isn’t she?

I made my dining companions promise not to let me take Banger’s up on this generous offer.  😉

How nice of them!
How nice of them!

After consuming my massive beverage, I went out and made a new friend!

She's such a good listener!
She’s such a good listener!



Meet Me at the Alamo Drafthouse!
Thrifting in Austin, TX (and a Dress Refashion!)

20 thoughts on “Manmosa Dress”

  1. You have a rare talent and I so enjoy seeing what you come up with. I am a size 20 and 5’4″ It is hard to find things that have enough fabric to make changes. When I do find something it doesn’t always come out the way I want it to. So it is a little disappointing. Are you always happy with your outcome?

    • I’m frequently underwhelmed by my own work. :/ I think the thing is to just keep trying and learning. The more you refashion the more you discover.

  2. Top Drawer is one of my favorite shops in town, and I actually went there on my birthday last week. Once a month they have a 25 cent sale, it’s kind of amazballs.

  3. Okay. I haven’t refashioned one yet but you are the star of my morning inbox! Soon. Soon I’ll do one! You are an inspiration!

  4. At that thrift shop down the road! Jillian, here’s a challenge for you – refashioning for the modest refashionista. I’m an Orthodox (hate that word, SO square, which I am not) Jew, and your clothes are just too sexy for me to wear outside! I know it sounds a little fundamentalist, but I have to cover my knees with a skirt, wear a neckline up to the collarbone, and sleeves past the elbow. Now I know your’re thinking Amish, but the idea is to be fun, fashionable, attractive, etc., with the sexiness toned down from 6 to 0.5. Can you rise to the challenge?
    PS LOVE your blog. Inspirational, and funny. Tattoos in Texas. Up until now I’ve been quilting and embroidering, and really want to get into clothes. What’s available in Israel is generally super-expensive, or poorly made, or both.
    What do you think?

    • I wholeheartedly agree! I have often wondered if there are stylists who are up to the task. Though I’m not an Orthdox Jew, my personal modesty also covers the knee (when you sit in something shorter, yikes!) and up just under the collarbone, but I do occasionally wear shorter sleeves.
      I have wondered if the famous stylists on tv (like What Not To Wear), and in the design competitions (Project Runway) were diverse enough to put together clothing that people who prefer a more modest look would like.
      Rachel, have you discovered the Halftee line? They make great layering fashions that will cover your top half (and arms), while allowing your midriff to breathe (under whatever you’ve layered on top of course).

    • I’m a Reform Jew, but I also dress modestly. Can definitely be a challenge. I’ve refashioned some great little cardigans from knit blouses. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from the Hijabi fashionistas. Some of them can sew a mean maxi skirt!

  5. You know, that would make a very cute apron! I’m not a fan of that pattern in dress form, but that might just be because it brings back bad memories from the 80’s. Silk scarves with roses/watches/chains in grid patterns from Avon… eek!

    • You are the cutest thing!! Funny and creative. I love reading your blog and sharing a glimpse of your life. Going to Austin in November, will definately ck out your recommendations!


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