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Me-Made-March Day 2!

Tunic Top to Dress Refashion

Today’s dress was one of my very first refashions, and an easy one!  Once again, this is pre-blog so I have no “before” or “during” shots. 🙁

Me-Made-March Day 2! 2
Welcome to the Jungle!

This dress originally hit my ankles, which was just too much leopard print!  I hacked it off, gave it a quick hem, and now I have a totally wearable dress that I adore.  🙂  It’s amazing how just shortening a dress can make it fun and new!

It has pockets (hooray for hand holders!), and these completely awesome sleeves!

Me-Made-March Day 2! 3
Kimono Sleeves rock my little world!

Like many of my earliest refashions, I cut it off a tad shorter than I meant to, but it still meets the fingertip rule from my junior high days (no skirts shorter than your fingertips when your arms are at your sides)…almost…and I have short hands. 🙂


Tunic Top to Dress Refashion

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