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Meet Me at the Alamo Drafthouse!

Halter Dress Refashion with Vintage Flair!
Manmosa Dress

On the last day of my trip, I was exhausted.  The heat had completely gotten to me (I thought SC was bad).  Dan kept trying to talk me into leaving the comfort of our air conditioned room, and out into the pizza oven that is Austin in the summertime.

You already know how I’ve fallen deeply in love with Austin, TX thrift stores, especially Texas Thrift Store.  You also know that I chose to pack my sewing machine rather than actual clothes for my trip to Austin.  I needed something extremely light & airy to get me through the day!

I chose this find right here:

Yep.  A cow skull.  Just chillin' on the wall.
Yep. A cow skull. Just chillin’ on the wall.

It only ended up costing me $2, as I snagged it on a 1/2 off Yellow Tag sale day!  Not quite as good a deal as I’m used to in Columbia, SC…but it’ll do!  🙂

Not bad at 1/2 off!
Not bad at 1/2 off!

I like the red hue (It’s a good color for me) and the tropical print of this frock.  I don’t like how shapeless (no waist to speak of) and long it is.  Did I mention I was hot and tired?  Let me reiterate that.  I was hot and tired.  I needed a new dress fast.  No time for dillydallying!

That length had to go!

Chop it off!
Chop it off!

The sides of the dress were slitted, so this cut left me with two pieces.  I stitched them together, happy that doing so left me with hemmed edges from the original slits!  🙂

Mini Whirrrrrrr!  ;)
Mini Whirrrrrrr! 😉

I tied my new sash around my waist, and braced myself for the heat outside!

He's robot, but that's ok.
He’s robot, but that’s ok.

I wore my new dress with my Toms, it was either those or flip-flops.  🙂  Dan and I met up with some friends at the Alamo Drafthouse to check out The Big Lebowski Quote-along!  This is the BEST movie theater ever!

Welcome to Paradise!
Welcome to Paradise!

Not only do they have awesome programming and fun events, they also have table service during the movie!

So you can watch this…

I love this movie!  :)
I love this movie! 🙂

while drinking these!

Those are White Russians, in case you can't tell!  :)
Those are White Russians, in case you can’t tell! 🙂

I had SUCH a wonderful time in Austin.  Our hosts were wonderful and it was great getting to meet new friends!  This city is full of youthful optimism, art, great food, and fun!  I look forward to going back…when it’s cooler outside!  😉



Halter Dress Refashion with Vintage Flair!
Manmosa Dress