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Midnight at the Mountain Oasis: A Dress to Top Refashion!

Trace & Stitch Dress Refashion
We're Not in Kansas Anymore - Kat's Darling Dorothy Costume!

Don’t you just love when you make plans months ahead for something really exciting?  There’s always something to look forward to on the distant horizon!  

Well, Dan bought tickets for the Mountain Oasis Music Festival in Asheville the first day they went on sale.  I loooove Asheville and I’m fond of electronic music, so I’d been eagerly awaiting the trip!

The first day of the festival finally arrived, but I didn’t have anything to wear for the chilly temps of the mountains!  

This is where all of you “Why don’t you make something with sleeves???” people can say, “Toldja so!”.  🙂

Luckily, I did have this long-sleeved number:

Dress to Top Refashion Before
Wait…Did Douglas get bigger?

Wait a second!  Is that Douglas down there?  

Nope!  I’m fostering a sweet little Dachshund named Bandit!  He’s a rescue from a high-kill shelter here in SC.  

He’s happy and safe with me and Douglas now, and will hopefully have wonderful forever home soon!  🙂

Back to that dress!  

The color is awesome, but it’s super-dated.  :/

Oh…and there were these:

small shoulder pad close up
Teeny Tiny Pads!

This dress is also lined, which I usually don’t like, but in this case that extra layer was going to help keep me warm.

I wasn’t in the mood for a dress, so I chopped off the bottom to make myself a new top!

cutting bottom from dress
OooooOOOOoooh…the haunted dress is cutting itself! OoooooOOOOoooh!

This left me with two raw edges to deal with – the outer layer and the lining.  I needed to hem them separately.  

I started with the lining.  When adding this hem, I made sure to make the rolled edge face the outside, so only the smooth part would be against my skin.  

I also hemmed it about 1″ more than I planned on hemming the outer layer so it wouldn’t stick out.

hemming lining
Big ol’ hem!

After this was stitched down, I added a smaller hem to the outer layer, keeping that rolled edge out of view!

hemming outer layer of dress
You take the high road, and I’ll take the low road!
sewing hem on sewing machine

After pressing down my new hems, my top was ready to take in some awesome sounds!

dress to top refashion after
Comfy & Warm at our AirBnB abode!
dress to top refashion after
Look, Ma! SLEEVES! 🙂

Sadly, temps dropped into the lower 30s…making bundling up highly necessary.

refashionista with friends
These guys seem nice enough…
refashionista at music festival
Gotta keep warm in the light refraction tunnel!
people in jellyfish costumes
I dunno…these ladies seem warm enough…

Luckily, I was able to de-layer a bit when we got inside!  🙂

band onstage
Checking out the sweet sounds and amazing sights of Purity Ring!


refashionista dress to top refashion before and after
Trace & Stitch Dress Refashion
We're Not in Kansas Anymore - Kat's Darling Dorothy Costume!