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My Drapey Halter Top

ReFashionista: Year 2!
Skirt is Shirt

Today’s piece began looking like this.

My Drapey Halter Top 2
A large & saggy tank. 🙁

Let me just say that one of the many things I’m digging about my new dress form is no longer having to subject you guys to what I really look like in the morning if I don’t feel like it.  You might never see me without makeup on again, friends (Yeah right…as if I could resist making silly faces in my “before” pics for very long)!

I needed to wear something with the colors Garnet and Black to Support these guys in their College World Series game against Virginia.

My Drapey Halter Top 3
Go Cocks!!!!

As there were no garnet ugly ducklings in my stash, I went with a too-big tank.

I snipped off one of the straps.

My Drapey Halter Top 4

Then I turned the raw edge from the missing strap under twice, and hemmed it with the line of the seam.  Then I poked my head through the existing strap, making it a halter top!  I tossed on my faux garnet earrings and red flats to show my support for the old Alma Mater!  🙂

My Drapey Halter Top 5
Check out my massive handbag!

I love how the top drapes and the asymmetrical neckline!  I also like how the bottom hem shows just a teensy bit of skin.  😉

My Drapey Halter Top 6
digging the drape!

I also loooove the sexy back!

My Drapey Halter Top 7
Ooh la la!

I met up with some pals at The Thirsty Fellow to watch the big game after work.  🙂

My Drapey Halter Top 8
Go Cocks!
My Drapey Halter Top 9
Gleefully watching our guys being awesome!
My Drapey Halter Top 10
Our smiles become strained in the 13th inning...

The Gamecocks fought a hard 13 innings to pull off a 3-2 victory!  Huzzah!  My fingers are firmly crossed that they’ll be able to win the World Series yet again!

Go Cocks!  🙂

ReFashionista: Year 2!
Skirt is Shirt