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Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2

DIY Steve Zissou Costume from The Life Aquatic

My eyes were immediately drawn to this very loud Kaftan when I saw it at my favorite $1 thrift store.

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2 2
It's actually quite comfy!

I just knew it would make a cute little summer dress.  I just needed to remove everything that wasn’t a cute little summer dress first.  🙂

The kaftan was made of thick cotton, with a strong metal zipper in the back.  As today was a lovely 75 degrees, some of that fabric was gonna have to go.

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2 3
Removing the undesirables

I stashed the sleeves and the bottom fabric in my scrap drawer.  I’m sure they’ll be coming back soon!  🙂

I put the kaftan on me and pinned at my bust, waist, and hips where I wanted it to be taken in.  Since this kaftan has a zipper in the back, I was able to take it in a good bit to make it nice and fitted (unlike this kaftan refashion, where the garment in question had no back zipper, so I had to leave it big enough to put on over my head).  I took it off, and used my sewing gauge to make sure both sides were being taken in evenly.  I pinned down both sides and ran them through my machine, then trimmed off the excess fabric with my pinking shears.

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2 4

I pinned the fray-happy bottom of the dress under, as well as the arm holes, tucking the raw edges under.

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2 5
the hem
Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2 6
the arm hole from the inside
Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2 7
the arm hole from the outside

I ran all of this under my machine, already getting excited about the awesome dress in the making!

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2 8
A nice view of my engagement bling. 🙂

After a quick press of the seams and hems, I was all set for a potluck Oscar night! 

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2 9
My fave refashion so far!

I made Silence of the Lambs Souvlakia (don’t worry…it was just lamb.  Cannibalism is frowned upon amongst my group of friends).  Others made True Grits, Shepherds Pie (for The King’s Speech), dark chocolate ice cream with white chocolate chips (for Black Swan), and the like.  It was all amaaaazing!

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2 10
Pre-Oscar Happiness!
Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2 11
on the red carpet!
Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2 12
Closeup of that fabu neckline!


DIY Steve Zissou Costume from The Life Aquatic

11 thoughts on “Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! Vol. 2”

  1. I’ve been checking your refashioned clothes..i really like this one. the print, the style really look amazing..anyway I’m from Philippines and I also like going to thrift store here.
    You are my inspiration to do some makeover to every clothes that I found..
    Thank you so much!

  2. I think before we look forward to examining the benefits of the kaftan, we need to look back and acknowledge gentlemen of the Ottoman, Istanbul, who rocked a kaftan as early as the 14th Century.

  3. I always pack kaftans, to hide my body while wearing a swim suit and to try to look glamorous for a cocktail or dinner. There is a caftan for all occasions. Caftans are safe and secure. I never have to worry about what I may eat or drink when I am out having a good time. More important, I never worry about what I ate the night before.

  4. This is one of the nicest alterations I’ve seen on you! Wow – it’s really gorgeous, helped along by the fact that you are also gorgeous and tiny. Engagement ring is TO DIE FOR – congrats and great job!


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