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Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan!

A Happy Thanksgiving Kaftan Refashion
An Easy No-Sew Oversized Dress to Strapless Dress

I’m not gonna lie to you guys.  Today’s piece is NOT a thrift store item.  It’s brand spankin’ new, right out of 2G’s, where I work most Saturdays.

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 2
C'mon...drink the Kool-Aid!

That being said, it WAS super-duper on sale.  With the sale price paired with my employee discount, this kaftan came to somewhere around $5.    Whatevrah.  I can splurge every now and then if I want to.  And, I’m about to make it look like another dress that costs a whopping $350!

As my plans for the evening did not include handing out flowers at the airport, the length had to go!

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 3
Basement Kitteh says "Buh Bye!" to the length!

Then, I needed to take it in a smidge.  As this dress doesn’t have a zipper, and I really didn’t feel like adding one, I had to be super-careful.   I needed to take it in just enough to make it more fitted, but not too fitted, so it could slip on over my head.  I took in in about an inch on each side, including the arms.  First I pinned…

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 4
In ya go!

Then, I ran each side through my machine.

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 5
Taking it in!

Then, I sewed a hem in the lining, as well as the top part.  I didn’t take in the lining, as it was very sheer and light and wasn’t going to bulk up the dress as-is.  I made sure to make the hem of the lining fall a few inches above the hem of the top part.

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 6
Pinned and prepped!
Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 7
A new hem is born!

Now I needed to deal with those sleeves.  I didn’t like them being all long and in the way, so I made them into 3/4 sleeves.  Muuuch better!

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 8
Wave buh-bye sleeves!

I was kind of sad to see the bead work on the ends of the sleeves go.  However, after a quick glance at that very bejeweled neck, I knew I had all the beading I could handle already.  🙂

I sewed the raw edges of those sleeves under, pressed everything, and was good to go!

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 9
Hem that sleeve!

Now, I had a festive dress to wear for my friend, Eric’s birthday cigars/drinks/dinner extravaganza!  🙂

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 10
Oh so festive!

I think my tunic dress rivals this much more expensive version…

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 11
Lilly Pulitzer Dress - $348

Embellished neckline? Check.  Above the knee? Check.  3/4 sleeves? Check.  Only mine was $343 cheaper.  Ha!

I didn’t realize a delightful cigar lounge, The Cigar Box was so close to my neighborhood!  I’ll definitely be coming back.  Great staff and selection!

Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 12
I've gotta get my own walk-in humidor!
Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 13
Indulging in our vices
Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 14
Real women smoke cigars. 😉
Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 15
Happy Birthday, Eric!!!!
Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 16
Smoke, sans mirrors
Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 17
Davis' Pub is riiiight downstairs!
Oh Kaftan! My Kaftan! 18
Close-up of that beyoootiful neckline!


A Happy Thanksgiving Kaftan Refashion
An Easy No-Sew Oversized Dress to Strapless Dress