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One Dress, Three Ways: 90’s Babydoll Dress Refashion Edition

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Welcome 2020: An '80s Dress-to-Cocktail Dress Refashion

I have mixed feelings about the 90’s “nostalgia” trends I see just about everywhere now (quotes because I can’t believe I’m old enough to see the clothes I wore back in high school be referred to as nostalgic or vintage. I mean, the 90’s were like…10 years ago, right?).

T’was a golden age…

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE seeing the styles I loved then returning to relevancy now. But I’m kind of kicking myself for not hoarding all those platform sneakies, chokers, and babydoll dresses. Oh yeah, and it makes me feel super old when I see college girls decked out for their 90’s theme parties.

Lots of brands have gotten on board with this trend, and I’m here for it. This is one of my favorite fashion decades (scoff all you like!). However, like all decades, 90’s fashion definitely made some missteps.

Refashionista Before
I present Exhibit A.

Today I’m going to show you not one, not two, but THREE ways you can upcycle these drab button down 90’s numbers. Two are totally no-sew and the final one is a super easy sew!

1. Floral Duster

refashionista floral duster
Bananas seem to be having a moment as of late…

As I said, this is a super-easy way to get an on-trend floral duster for very little coinage. Unless you prefer to pay $48, in which case, by all means click here.

2. Upcycled Strapless Dress

refashionista upcycled strapless dress
It. Has. Pocketsssssssssssss!

This is another easy one, folks, and I know you’ve seen me execute this maneuver many times in the past.

But for those who are new to my quickie-strapless-dress-from-a-button-down-dress ways, All it take is just a couple of simple steps.

Step 1: Tuck the Collar in on the back and button it up as far as you can.
Step 2: Tie it and go frolic freely amongst the things!
Yes. It stays up. I promise!

I wore this cute frock to catch a screening of Little Women (which is great and you need to go see it!) at The Nickelodeon. I was comfy in our eerily mid-70’s temps (In January? Howww???), but still needed a light jacket.

refashionista denim jacket
Ah…my trusty denim jacket!

3. 90’s Babydoll Dress!

ReFashionista babydoll dress
Its final form!

And here we are! The final (and true, I think) form for this refashion!

My Pragmatic Friend Erin: “Let me take a pic from the side so your readers can’t say it doesn’t fit.”

Luckily, this dress had all the right elements to convert it into babydoll awesomeness:

  1. It’s a size or two up from my regular size.
  2. It has an empire waist (hard to tell in the pics, but the seam falls mid-ribcage.
  3. It has a slightly gathered back (once again, tough to photograph).

All I had to do was make one big chop…

ReFashionista chop


Followed by a quick pin job!

ReFashionista pinning
Pinning & Winning!

…Followed by a quick whirrrr!

A hem is born!

My new dress enjoyed a delightful after-work glass of vino with friends!

One Dress, Three Ways: 90's Babydoll Dress Refashion Edition 2
The happiest of hours!
One Dress, Three Ways: 90's Babydoll Dress Refashion Edition 3
Join us!

So there you have it! THREE unique looks from ONE dress for ONE dollar! 😀

But which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

Your vote matters!


An Anthropologie-Inspired Refashion: From White Dress to Clay Top
Welcome 2020: An '80s Dress-to-Cocktail Dress Refashion