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Dress Refashions,  Refashions


Pineapple Express Yo Self
Staycation Garb

When I first found this piece, it was a huge hunk o’ poufy floufitude

OPA!!!!! 11

However, this heavily befabriced blue and white denim frock was going to need some help.

A few things would need to be removed…

OPA!!!!! 12
Tiny lil shoulderpad!
OPA!!!!! 13
Rip those sleeves!!!!
OPA!!!!! 14
Byeeeeeee poufy sleeves!

Then I pinned and sewed the raw edges to the armholes under.

OPA!!!!! 15
Pin that hole!
OPA!!!!! 16
Emo sewing. My life is an empty abyss.

Okay…now is where this post gets piecey.  I have been experiencing technical difficulties with my computer, camera, and cat during my staycation…hence my lack of bloggery this week.  Anywho…a few pics have been destroyed.  🙁

What I did next, despite my lack of photo evidence was take in the dress at the top about 2 1/2 inches, turning the back of the dress into the front.  Then, I hacked off about 13″ from the bottom of the dress and hemmed it.

Now I was left with a cute lil dress to wear to Columbia’s Greek Festival!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

OPA!!!!! 17
About to get my Greek on!
OPA!!!!! 18
Post-Baklava…verrrrry happy. 🙂
OPA!!!!! 19
Hearting some Greek booze! 🙂


Pineapple Express Yo Self
Staycation Garb


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