• Day 84:  Den Mother Dress 1
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    Day 84: Den Mother Dress

    I think today’s dress was some sort of uniform.  Do you have any idea what it might have been a uniform for? I’m going to start off with a quick apology.  See that weirdo grey floaty looking thing on the bottom right of my photo?  Well…he’s in just about every photo.  🙁  It looks like my new camera is going back to the store, which will put us at ReFashionista Camera #4.  :/ Until then, let’s call the grey blob Steve.  I hate Steve. Steve hid for a bit (doing typical ghostie things I imagine) as I began the taking-in process for this dress. I ran each side through my…

  • Day 83:  Orange you Glad it's Fall? Dress 5
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    Day 83: Orange you Glad it’s Fall? Dress

    We’re going to start today with a little mood music, okay?  I want you to play this song in the background as you read this (It’ll be your anthem for tomorrow).  🙂 I was pleasantly surprised by a text from Fella telling me that Nathan Angelo added a last minute Columbia show to his Follow Your Heart tour.  🙂  Of course I didn’t have anything to wear except this vintage housedress. The print is beautiful & exotic, and I love that weird button-thing in the middle of it.  Unfortunately, I’m seeing waaaay too much of it, and I’m going to fix that.  🙂 I began by putting the dress on…

  • Day 82:  Bacchus Dress 9
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    Day 82: Bacchus Dress

    Tonight, I wanted nothing more than to lounge and veg.  Enter today’s piece. You’re looking at a silk 3X women’s sleep shirt.  There’s a lot of potential for a super-comfy luxurious frock in that shirt!  Nothing feels better than lounging in silk…nothing!  🙂 I immediately got to work taking this in. In the above pic, you can see where I placed my pins 5″ in.  I ran the whole thing through my machine, cut off that excess fabric, and now have a dress that Bacchus would approve of! While my friend Bacchus feasted on grapes and wine, my tastes were a tad more plebeian for the evening.  😉 Cheers!

  • Day 81:  Purple Rainforest Dress 13
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    Day 81: Purple Rainforest Dress

    By the time fella and I got back in town from G-vegas, the last thing I wanted to do was touch my sewing machine.  I pulled out a sad-looking frock, and thought of no-sew solutions to fix it. The purple print is awesome.  It reminds me of Liberty of London. Unforunately, it’s huge, poufy, and it has these: Time for a no-sew quick fix! First, I chopped out those pads! Then, I rolled those poufy sleeves waaaaay up.  I grabbed my obi belt from my trouser dress, and used it to give this dress a waist.  🙂  If you don’t have an obi belt already, I can’t recommend them highly…

  • Day 80:  Pleasantville Dress 17
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    Day 80: Pleasantville Dress

    Today, the Fella and I decided to head to Greenville to visit my folks for the weekend.  🙂  This dress (scored for $1) seemed perfect for a fun visit to one of my favorite towns.  🙂 Naturally, I can’t leave it as I found it!  We were in a hurry, so I only had time for a quick fix! Luckily, I had the original sash from this dress, so I used it to cinch the waist.  With its updated length, my dress was transformed from frump to fabu! I have to say, I love visiting downtown Greenville, SC.  It’s such a nice, walkable city with awesome restaurants, fun festivals, and…