• Day 79:  A Go Go No-No 1
    Dress Refashions

    Day 79: A Go Go No-No

    Today’s dress would have been just fine…if I wanted to take part in the club scene in the 80’s.  :/ This actually looks better in the pic than in reality, I assure you.  That stupid fake chain belt thing didn’t go all the way around the dress, so it sagged in the front (flattering!). I removed the chain, as well as a couple of other troublemakers. Removing the chain and the pads was all I had to do to make this verrrrry dated dress a much nicer, completely classic LBD that could be worn five years from now and still look current.  🙂 I threw on a sweater (it’s really…

  • Day 78:  Faux Halter Dress 5
    Dress Refashions

    Day 78: Faux Halter Dress

    Today, I needed something pretty to wear for an arts magazine launch party.  I chose this: Of course, the arts community would probably question my taste if I wore this $1 thrift store find as-is.  🙂 Luckily, this transformation wouldn’t take much time at all!  🙂 First off, I removed those shoulder pads and the sleeves. I used some of the fabric from one of the sleeves to make a teeny tiny sash. Now for the easy/fun part!  First, take your now-sleeveless dress and tuck the outside parts under, and tuck the neckline into a V.  You actually don’t want to sew this.  If you do, it’ll look weird. Now,…

  • Day 77:  Jungle Love Dress 9
    Dress Refashions

    Day 77: Jungle Love Dress

    Welcome to the Jungle, friends!  🙂  I don’t have fun and games, but I do have this sweet $1 thrift store find!  😉 I love that crazy jungle print!  Unfortunately, that’s about all this dress has going for it right now.  :/ Let’s get to it! First, I cut out those icktastic pads! Then, I did a good bit of choppage! Of course, I’m not going to leave those raw edges, so I got to pinning. Then I got to sewing! Now I have a dress Morris Day would approve of that I can still wear in public!  🙂 I wore my cute new dress out for an evening of…

  • Day 76: An Early Fall Frock 13
    Dress Refashions

    Day 76: An Early Fall Frock

    I began my day with this Extra Large JCrew dress that I found for $1. I love that bright coral hue and the soft jersey fabric.  This has the potential to be a great dress to help me transition into fall! Of course there’s just too much of it for me, so I got to work.  First, I pinned the sides 1 1/2 inches all the way down. Then, I ran each side through my machine. I cut off the excess fabric and then tackled that awful mid-calf length! Now I have a great dress that’ll work for the end of summer, all the way through fall!  🙂 I wore…

  • Day 75:  A Jillian Original 17
    Dress Refashions

    Day 75: A Jillian Original

    Hey Guys!  Remember this dress from Day 65? Remember how I did this with it? Remember how I said I was going to cut it up and make something else out of that fab fabric?  Today is that day! Inspired by Sally over at Charity Shop Chic, I started off with a simple pattern from my vintage stash.  🙂 This is the first thing I’ve ever sewn with a paper pattern, by the way.  I’ve always been really intimidated by the process.  I also don’t like not knowing how well the thing is going to fit until it’s done. Whatever.  I want to be a better sewist, and sewing with…