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Peplum Power!

Sorry, Safari!
Jersey Tank from Old Tees!

Hey guys!  It’s your long-lost pal, ReFashionista!  🙂  Yes…it’s been a while.  I know some of you are wondering what’s been keeping me away from my refashioning.  Be warned — The pics you are about to see are quite graphic and not for the faint of heart!

Peplum Power! 2
Weeds. Lots ‘n lots of weeds. 🙁
Peplum Power! 3
I’m so ashamed! 🙁
Peplum Power! 4
Seriously, Jillian! Human beings do NOT live like this!!!! 🙁

This shots are of my terrifyingly shoddy and weed-ridden back yard.  This is what happens when you spend all of your time sewing and none tending to the flora and fauna around you.  :/

My Gent and I have been slaving away…trying to turn this mess into something nice (He’s awesome like that).  I’ve started my first veggie garden!  I’ll show you some “after” pics as soon as I’m thoroughly pleased (or at least much less ashamed) with the “after”.  😉

Refashioning isn’t just for clothes, y’all!

…Except for when it is!  😀

Peplum Power! 5

Peplums (those fluffy/floppy things at the waist) are suuuuper trendy right now.  I’m not a huge fan of this trend, but when I found this frock for $1, I loved the color and the not-too-intrusive peplum.

It reminds me of this dress by Emilio Puuci:

Peplum Power! 6
That’ll be $1,695, folks!

Yeah…It’s rare that I’m willing to spend $16.95 on a dress, let alone over a grand!  I’ve owned cars that have cost less than that!

Peplum Power! 7
My sweet ride from 2007 to 2011! It’s hard to be sexy in a Taurus with a flat tire, y’all. :/ Price tag: $1,600.

Okay…back to that dress!  My first step was to snip off those sleeves!

Peplum Power! 8

Next, I added a few triangle-shaped notches around the armholes.

Peplum Power! 9
The notches will make the arm holes fold under without bunching up!

I folded the raw edges under twice and stitched ’em down.

Peplum Power! 10
And now we’re sleeveless! 🙂

Now I just needed to get my new frock fitted!

Peplum Power! 11

I ran each side through my machine, and attacked that frumpy length!

Peplum Power! 12
Peplum Power! 13

Now, this dress has belt loops, but no belt!  I took the bottom scrap and turned it into…

Peplum Power! 14
Can you guess???

…a SASH of course!  😉

And just like that, my dress is done!  🙂

Peplum Power! 15
Eat your heart out, Pucci! 😉

I couldn’t decide what to do with the $1,694 I saved by refashing my own Pucci wannabe…so I started with a tasty brew!

Peplum Power! 16
Not a bad investment! 🙂

Some of you guys might remember a few months ago when I costumed Plan 9 From Outer Space.   Well guess what?  Trustus is bringing it back!!!  This means new and updated costumes (yet another reason for my lack of posting).  I’m also designing costumes for an upcoming production of Red, so yes…I’ve been a busy busy gal!  🙂

Cheers!  🙂

Sorry, Safari!
Jersey Tank from Old Tees!