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Yo Bolero
Jet Setter

A coworker of mine gave me this dress that had been languishing in her closet for years.

Pocketpalooza! 2
An ill-fitting frock!

As you can clearly see, the top of this dress is a bit big on me.  Also, the plaid was a tad dull for my tastes.  I took in the top and added a couple of pockets made of fabric from this refashion.  I think the end result is quite lovely.

Pocketpalooza! 3

You can’t see them in the above pic, but I wore my favorite vintage brogues with my new frock.

Pocketpalooza! 4
Basement Kitteh digs vintage footwear!

My coworker liked this transformation, too!

You know, I just remembered the last time that I wore that plaid dress.  It was Saturday, August 1, 1998 (almost 13 years ago, I guess that makes it kind of vintage).  It’s the dress that I wore on the morning of my wedding day, just before I put on my wedding dress at the church.  (-:  Good memories.  I’m glad you chose to keep and “Jillianize” the dress.  You look really cute in it! ~Email from my Awesome Coworker

I loved the back story of this dress, and am happy to be giving it a new life that will hopefully be just as romantic!  🙂


Yo Bolero
Jet Setter

3 thoughts on “Pocketpalooza!”

  1. Hiya! I just discovered your blog and am cruising through all your back posts. Love how a few simple techniques can make so many dramatic transformations! I was at the Goodwill today and was almost inspired to buy some giant dresses because they had such great prints, but taking them in at the sides would leave the bust darts/princess seaming in the wrong places. Do you have a way of dealing with this? Can’t wait to check out the rest of your funny, creative stylings : )

    • You CAN deal with that by adding new darts, but I really hardly ever do, unless it’s a dress for a special occasion. It’s time-consuming, but if you have the time you can. I recommend the ‘Simplicity: Simply the Best Sewing Book’ for instructions how how to do just about anything sewing-wise that you can’t figure out. 🙂 Thanks for reading!


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