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Purplesaurus Rex

Teal We Meet Again
A Merry Re-Christmas!

Today’s dress started off as a large blob of grapey purple.

Purplesaurus Rex 2
I look like a grape of wrath!

Its purple hue reminded me of something tasty from my childhood though.

Purplesaurus Rex 3
Purplesaurus Rex...more real than Triceratops!

Ah…Purplesaurus Rex!  You ranked a close second behind Pink Swimmingo as my favorite Kool-Aid flavor of all time!  Sadly, this Grape-Lemonade flavor is no more.  Happily, I can at least salvage this dress in its memory.  RIP, Purplesaurus! 🙂

Obviously, it was too big and shapeless for me.  I put it on inside-out and marked with safety pins where it would need to be taken in at the bust, waist, and hips.  Then I took it off, and used my sewing gauge to make sure I was taking it in equally on both sides, pinning along each side.

Purplesaurus Rex 4
Pinned and ready to sew!

You can see how I chose to keep the sleeves big.  If I wanted a narrower sleeve, I would have simply pinned those a bit as well.  I threaded my machine with purple thread, and ran each side through, following the path of pins.

Purplesaurus Rex 5

After each side had been taken in, I trimmed off the excess fabric with my pinking shears (those funky zig-zag scissors that help keep fabric from fraying).

Purplesaurus Rex 6

All that was left to do was hack off some of the length.  I used my pinking shears for this as well, and then folded the hem over twice to hide the raw edge, pinning the new hem.

Purplesaurus Rex 7
Use your sewing gauge to make sure your hem is even steven!

I ran the new hem under my machine.  My dress was almost ready to wear.  All I needed to do was press my new side seams and hem!

Purplesaurus Rex 8
Meet the Press.

That’s it!  The transformation was complete!  I certainly didn’t have any grape (har har) expectations for this dress, but it ended up looking quite nice!  As today was quite chilly, I wore a long-sleeved tee and leggings under my new creation to keep my teeth from chattering.

Purplesaurus Rex 9
...taking my coat off just long enough to snap this pic!
Purplesaurus Rex 10
On my way to Hunter Gatherer for a tasty pint of Pale Ale!

My boss is a ReFashionista (or would that be ReFashionisto?) too!  See the long necklace I’m wearing?  He made it out of beads from a damaged handbag!  I love it!

Purplesaurus Rex 11
I adore my new necklace! 🙂


Teal We Meet Again
A Merry Re-Christmas!