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6 Ways to Repurpose Shoulder Pads

Wannabe Wednesday
Melissa's Tantalizingly Teal Reader ReFash!

Q:  You do a LOT of refashions where you remove shoulder pads.  What do you do with them when you’re done?  Do you just throw them away?

Sing the praises of pads!  :)
Sing the praises of pads! 🙂

A:  Oh heck no!  Shoulder Pads are awesome (just not on your shoulders)!

Here are a few things you can make out of ’em!

Puppy Poo Bag Holder

When I take Douglas for his walks, I want to be a good neighbor and clean up after the little guy.  I could either buy a puppy poo bag dispenser/bag set for $5…


Orrrrrrr…I can make my own with old shoulder pads and Douglas’ old collar that’s too small for him now!

I think it's prettier, too!  :)
Of course Douglas is wearing clothes!  😉

I can roll up about 5 old grocery bags in the pouch, and the collar can be attached to my wrist, belt loop, purse, or his leash.  Perfect!

Sunglasses Case

I have about a dozen pairs of sunglasses.  Most of them are of the super-cheap variety, but I still want to take good care of them.  The best way to keep them scratch-free when I toss them in my bag is to keep them in a cozy case!

Safe & Secure!
Safe & Secure!

Cat Toys

Kittehs love shoulder pads, too…especially when they’re stuffed with catnip and sewn into cute little mice!  Awhile back, I made a batch of these and gave them to local shelter cats.  They loved ’em!

Kittycat Crack.
Kittycat Crack!

Pan Handle Cover

Pan handle covers can run anywhere from $2 to $13.  But why bother running out to buy one, when you can just make your own from unwanted shoulder pads?

When you don't want to feel the (3rd degree) burn!
When you don’t want to feel the (3rd degree) burn!

A Cool Koozie

Shoulder pads make great koozies!  Keep your tasty brew nice & cold while matching your newly refashioned frock!!

Jewelry Pouch

You can use a couple of shoulder pads, an old button, and a stretched-out hair tie to make a small pouch to keep your favorite pieces of jewelry protected!

These belonged to my Great-Grandmother, so I definitely want to keep them safe!
These belonged to my Great-Grandmother, so I definitely want to keep them safe!
A perfectly padded pouch!
A perfectly padded pouch!

What have you made out of old shoulder pads?

Wannabe Wednesday
Melissa's Tantalizingly Teal Reader ReFash!

38 thoughts on “6 Ways to Repurpose Shoulder Pads”

  1. I have a blackberry bold that I just got. I took the shoulder pads and made them into a phone case! Super simple, but I use it everyday.

  2. I put them on the ends of clothes hangers to hang damp garments to dry and keep from getting points in the shoulders. I usually just rubberband them but if I have time, I sew them.

  3. I used some to make the padding for a cell phone case. It was a lot like your sunglasses case, but I used some leftover fancy-schmancy fabric on the outside so that it wasn’t so polyester 🙂

  4. Im inspired to make lavender sachets; toothfairy pillows; or silly fabric roses for gift wrapping toppers. But if you have piles of shoulder pads you really could make an outrageous garden party hat decorating game out of it. I hired a company called Party Hats years ago to come to my baby shower and set up and keep 45 crafty women busy. We had basic hats and glued all sorts of silly things onto them. The more alcohol the better the hat!

  5. Padded hangers. Bend wire hanger, wrap with old shoulder pads to desired thickness, and stich down. Cover with old scraps if you want to make them pretty!

  6. These are some great ideas!

    For me and my refashioning, shoulder pads have been a blessing for me. Over a year ago, I went through a lumpectomy, and not only did my breast go through a slight shape change, but I have to be careful with using commercial anti-perspirants because of the risk.

    I do what Jessie does with them – I use them as an inexpensive “chicken filet” bra insert to give me a fuller look with my bust line without all the fake-looking padding, or if I’d rather wear a shapewear camisole instead of a bra, I’ll use the inserts as “modesty pads” and shapers.

    I’ve also used the thinner shoulder pads as dress shields for my more expensive tops and dresses. I put double-sided tape on them and taped them to the underarm area on the top.

    I think that I’m going to try making jewelry pouches with some of them. I have a jewelry business and I’m looking for nice ideas for packaging the jewelry for my customers.

  7. Right on girl! I’m going to use all of your ideas especially the catnip kitteh toys for the shelter cats and mine. I love everything you do and I love that you get me thinking community-wise. I live in Southern California. I don’t even see my neighbors much less talk to them. But you got me thinking I can do a lot in the general arts, college and animal help community. Thank you.

  8. Really good ideas !! Your imagination has no limits!! (i follow you everyday from Madrid . Spain) THANK YOU For being so inspiring.

  9. I’ve been known to use thinner shoulder pads as bra-style inserts, putting them into low-backed tops and dresses. I don’t like the padded look, though, been wondering what to do with some of the thicker ones!


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