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Refashioning & Thrifting in Philadelphia, PA

Crawfish Fest Top
Jilly in Philly Dress

I am the worst packer in the world, friends!   In preparing for my trip to visit my friends in Philly, I completely failed to pack properly.  In my carry-on, I packed one sweater and a few sundresses.

Oh…and one other thing…

small sewing machine in suitcase
Say hello to my little friend!

That’s right!  I’ve invested in a mini sewing machine to take with me on my travels so I can refashion on the go!  

Here’s my review of the Janome Sew Mini.

The day was sunny and bright, but a bit chilly.  I needed some sleevage…STAT!

Heather knew exactly where I needed to go!

Philly AIDS Thrift sign
This place is awesome!

This is the Philly AIDS Thrift…probably the BEST thrift store I’ve ever been to!  They have a great (and surprisingly inexpensive) selection, a super-friendly staff, and the money raised goes to a great cause!

I also like the funny messages the staff puts on each of the price tags:

price tag that reads "sexy time"
Oooh la la!

Of course, I prefer to refashion items that cost $1 or less.  

A lot of you guys have been asking where I find such items.  I like to think I have a sixth sense…a bit of a psychic power if you will…

$1 section sign in thrift store
Signs help, too! 😉

I chose this $1 dress to refashion:

Refashioning & Thrifting Philadelphia, PA featured image
Hooray for warmth!

I love the black, the warmth, and the pockets.  But that neck was awful and the dress isn’t quite working for me…yet!

I got to cutting!  First those shoulder pads had to go!

removing shoulder pads from dress

More snipping followed!

cutting off bottom of dress
I can’t believe they let me fly with these scissors!

That neck had to go, too!

cutting off neck of dress
Snippy Snip!

Since I cut off part of the zipper at the neck, I needed to stitch each of those edges down, so the zipper pull doesn’t just slide off.

sewing end of zipper

I used part of my cut off hem as a sash to cinch the waist of my sweet new dress!

Refashioning & Thrifting Philadelphia, PA after
Philadelphia Chic!

My new dress was perfect for a lovely sunny day with Heather, Evan, and Mudcat!

Jillian and Heather
At the Magic Gardens!
isaia zagar walls
Isaiah Zagar’s work is alllll over the Philadelphia!
mural on house
In Philly, beautiful murals abound!
mural of plant
This made me giggle!
outdoor art
Outdoor art is everywhere here!
philadelphia architecture
I just like the angle of this shot. 😉
refashionista sipping champagne
Taking a champagne and lunch break! 🙂
Jillian and Heather at lunch
Such a lovely day!

My friends live near South Street, where a fun street party was a happening.  🙂

Evan and Jillian
Hey Evan and Mudcat! 🙂

While wandering about, we ran into this fabulous person from Philly AIDS Thrift!  🙂

Jillian and Drag queen
Tmobile’s new ad campaign is a bit odd…;)

My first (and certainly not last) visit to Philly was a blast!  I hope you get a chance to visit and go thrift store shopping in this fun city oh so soon!


refashionista Refashioning & Thrifting Philadelphia, PA before and after

Crawfish Fest Top
Jilly in Philly Dress