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ReFashionista: Porch Edition

A Notable No-Sew Dress!
Jonny Mob Dress

Several of you have been asking what I do with my leftover scraps from my refashions.  If the fabric is really nice or interesting, I hold on to it to make it into a cute top.  If I get tired of the cute top, I might turn it into a cute bag!  Coasters, Pin Cushions, dresses, funky scarves, and tops that are really awkward-looking (What was I thinking???) are also options!

A few years ago, I bought these curtains that I thought looked great in the store, but not so great in my apartment (You can check ’em out in the “before” pics from Year 1).


When I finally took them down, I made a dress out of one of the panels that I really liked!


But I still had a bit of fabric left over from the panel.

What to do?

I’ve been spending my time away from my blog toiling away in my yard and flower beds.  Hard physical labor was the healthiest way I could think of to help me cope with the loss of my friend.  At the very least, it made me tired enough to sleep at night.

I decided my little porch needed some help as well.


Okay.  I can explain.  I live in a slightly dodgy neighborhood where I don’t completely trust the wandering teenagers (I’ve had a mistrust of youths ever since I was one) to not steal my stuff.  So I tested them by putting some inexpensive furnishings out on my porch.

Whaddya know?  They left it alone!  🙂

Time for an upgrade!

The first thing I wanted to update was those boring cushions!  Outdoor cushions cost about $20-$30 apiece (which is INSANE).  Forget that!  I can cover the ones I have for FREE!

I stitched up some simple covers.

Then I planted some herbs.

Then I bought a couple of fun accessories.

Check that boring porch out now!

Lookie!  :)
Lookie! 🙂

It’s so bright and cheery!  I loves!  🙂

And here’s my flower bed!

The lilies and daisies aren't blooming yet, but ue your imagination!
The lilies and daisies aren’t blooming yet, but use your imagination!

I’ve also started a few veggies in containers that I really hope don’t die!

It's not pathetic.  It's humble.
It’s not pathetic. It’s humble.
$5 says that candle is the only thing that will survive the Spring!
$5 says that candle is the only thing that will survive the Spring!

More actual clothing refashes are in the works.  Thanks for bearing with me.  I’ll be back in full swing oh so soon!  🙂


Whaddya think?
Whaddya think?
A Notable No-Sew Dress!
Jonny Mob Dress


  • Stephanie

    I love it!!! So much more happy and cheerful!!! If you drink coffee, try putting your leftover grounds in you pots with your plants. Helps ’em grow!! 🙂

  • Hailey Anderson

    I three hundred percent love your porch. I recently moved to an apartment, so my garden is forced to be in containers too. And the owl = love. Can’t wait to add some colour to my sad little porch!

  • Rachel

    What a great idea! You have such an eye for creativity and with literally anything! I love it! I think your little owl friend is my favorite, hehe. Hopefully everything survives and you can enjoy the fruits of your labor! 🙂 Hang in there

  • Heather

    Thank you so much for your little garden refashion! I work with people with disabilities and two days ago, one of my girls passed away (who I was with for over six years). She was one of my best friends, and so it gives me a new perspective on your loss. Seeing your new chair cushions and the fact that you’re putting your energies into creating gives me comfort. I’m thinking maybe I’ll go out into my garden today and do something similar to take my mind off of things, too. And, by the way, after reading your blog for a few weeks now, I was inspired to do my own refashion so I went to goodwill, purchased a cheap dress, and just last sunday wore a new skirt to church. Thanks so much again!

  • outletitia

    Lovely setting, adore your blue wire table, and the pillows look very summery with it. I agree, working in the garden makes one feel better. Just wondering, why not put the veggies in the ground like you have your flowers? Maybe the soil here in Europe (NL) is very different, but I always have troubles keeping the plants in a container moist or dry enough to grow, while the ones in the ground seem to thrive, since the water can go away and the roots grow much deeper. Also I like to mix herbs and flowers in a flowerbed, especially Rosemary and Sage are wonderful decorative plants as well as useful in the kitchen….

    • ReFashionista

      I didn’t want to grow my veggies in the front flower bed, and wanted to be able to move my herbs around or into the house really easily. The soil here is terrible (red clay). All my friends suggested doing a container garden, so I’m just going with it (conformity!). Fingers crossed! 🙂

  • Tammy Tittle Hiatt

    I think it all looks great! Yep to me yard work always makes you feel better and plus you will have a very pretty garden to enjoy! You have motivated me to get out this weekend and get my hands dirty.

  • Mellissa

    I think YOU are fabulous!!! I just recently started getting your updates to my email and its like a little ray of sunshine in my inbox! Thank you for all that you do! I’m terribly sorry for your loss and hope that as time goes by, your awesome memories will replace that hard edged sadness. My prayers are with you sister! Xox

  • Jennifer

    Your porch looks great!!!! Its a wonderful time to enjoy it before it gets too hot. I’d love to see updates on your garden, I planted veggies for the first time this year.

  • Terrill Taylor

    I love EVERYTHING U DO!!! Remember on “You’ve Got Mail”? How Meg Ryan n Tom Hanks RAN to their computer every second to ck to see IF they had a msg? That’s how I do with YOU!! One of the grandest (is that a word??) times of my life was your 365 day makeover!!! I would RUSH home from work to see what u had created! I was very, very sad when it ended. I’m waiting for a game show that gives hints of your creations so I can guess the item….and win:-). That’s how we’ll I know your creations! I go back to the beginning before u took pics n just start all over! I’m excited every time I see a new post…. You R my inspiration!! I’m so sorry about your loss….good friends leave deep holes n our hearts but also make their presence known at the strangest n unexpected times! That parts pretty awesome. I’m sure u will feel him near! GOD BLESS you and thank you for all of your self-LESS sharing to all of us….YOUR FOLLOWERS!! You R AWESOME! I can only wish n dream that I look as good as you n MY makeovers:-))


  • little miss thrift

    I love that fabric every time it pops up on your blog.

    I’ve also planted herbs & veggies in a container garden. I kill any plant though, need things I can plant and then leave well alone.

  • dannyscotland

    No one is judging you for spending time away from your blog. You do what you need to do to get through your own grieving process. Your porch looks great, by the way! Thank you for sharing everything that you make and for inspiring people all over to try it on their own.

  • Almarie de Villiers

    Gorgeous. I agree, you will need to poke holes for drainage in your containers. The porch looks good! Thanks for sharing what you do with your leftover fabric.

  • deanna

    FYI…rosemary will get bigger than the bushes you have there! Put it in the ground and watch it go! It even stays green in winter 🙂

  • redbamsews

    Great job adding color to your outdoor space. Love how you reused the curtain panels. We, too, save money on decorating by making our own window treatments and pillow covers. Hubby also recovers the cushions for our dining room chairs.

  • Lisa

    I can not even believe it!!! I was at my local Salvation Army 3 or 4 years ago… And I bought a cushion made from that exact same fabric!! It cost me a whopping 25 cents!! I love it!! I was so shocked to see your project today! LOL… The new porch looks AH-Mazing!!

  • D

    Very CUTESY! I love how you blended the colors and once the flowers are in bloom, WOW! What a knock out. You will post I hope new pics of the flowers in bloom.

  • Willow

    Aren’t you somethin’!!! I LOVE the cushions and rug which is a bit of ‘eye candy’. I could just stare & stare at it. The pattern and color combo is delicious. Did you make that as well? Your new plantings are so inviting too. I ave one plant – sweet basil. It’s eking out a meager existence in the kitchen until I can plant it outside in some proper sunshine, but boy does it ever smell fantastic.
    Glad you’re pampering yourself with things and moments you enjoy : )

  • MrsAlwaysForever

    Super cute! I love that you said “humble not pathetic”. It makes me feel better about our 2 flowers , little fence and empty patches where flowers will be….I hope! Love the fabric btw. I keep staring at one of our curtains thinking the same thing. Curtains, dress, curtain, dress only time will tell!

  • Shannon

    Lovely! My kids and I planted veggies in containers just like those! We had sprouts and then the dog ate them and we had to replant. I’m sure you can relate…

  • Pil Calderon

    Keep up the good work, you´r a great inspiration for so many people as my self I bet you can´t even imagine how many people get motivated by what you do….. Your blog always seems friendly, welcoming and refreshing that I bet no mater what your DIY or share people will follow….
    And remember ” The Mind Forgets , but The Heart Always Remembers”. <3

  • lialou

    Working in the garden or yard always helps me clear the head and does wonders for sleep. I’m glad you are working your way out of the blues. I like your porch, with the colorful cushions and cute accessories, it looks like a perfect place to sit in the summer with an ice cold lemonade (hard or not). Keep your chin up cutey! I always look forward to your posts!

  • Heather

    Very nice! Some green chairs would look awesome with the rug and cushions. If they are nice plastic chairs, you can always paint! All in due time though. DIY-ing can be exhausting!

  • Andrea Miller (@AndreaMiller21)

    It’s nice to see your sense of humor again! You may want to poke a few drainage holes (if possible) in the bottom of your containers…I had a “bucket garden” one year and my plants didn’t fare well. My dad said it was due to a lack of drainage. The following year I poked a few holes in the buckets & voila! I had tomato plants thriving on my patio!

  • Ali Barrick

    What a HUGE upgrade to your lovely little porch, great job! And when you’re ready, time to get some new bright chairs too, but all in good time. GREAT start and you will be surprised how well your herbs and flowers might do with a lot of a love and a little tending.

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