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ReFashionista: Year 2!

Day 1: Sunny and Sheer
My Drapey Halter Top

Oh my!  My little blog is about to turn one year old!  I’ve had a blast sharing my refashions with you guys, and have learned a good bit along the way.  Thanks for following my adventures in DIY Fashion.  🙂

This brings us to (drum roll please!)…

ReFashionista: Year 2!

It all begins July 1st.

For one year, I’ll be wearing your rejected rejects…clothing that was donated, but too damaged to sell, and destined for the landfill.  The lovely folks at Revente’s Last Call, Revente, and Sid & Nancy have been kind enough to donate their damaged stuff to make my wardrobe for a year.

That’s right…I will be remaking something new every day for one year.

It doesn’t end there, folks.  I’ll be donating everything I remake to Revente’s Last Call, where all profits go to the Women’s Shelter.

Did I mention I’m getting married this year?  Taking this pledge means that I will be making my own wedding dress out of donated and damaged materials, and selling it for charity when I’m done.  Wowza.

In a nutshell:

*Yay!  I’m helping keep clothing out of the landfill!

*Yay!  I’m helping women in need!

*Yay!  I’m using my creativity to do something more than a little nutty!

I really hope I’m clever enough for this.  🙂

ReFashionista: Year 2! 2
Year 2: It’s gonna be awesome!
Day 1: Sunny and Sheer
My Drapey Halter Top