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Repurposed Cloth Face Mask Dress Collar: 2nd Version

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Happy Earth Day, party people!

I know, this title feels a little deja vu, eh? I mean, I just did a dress refashion with a repurposed cloth face mask collar.

But what can I say? I’m on a tear.

I’ve been sincerely stressed out about what’s going to happen to all of these fabric face masks when we no longer need them anymore.

jillian in cloth face mask
Such a pretty print!

I mean, sure…I’ll probably keep a couple for flu season and maybe to put on mid-flight the second someone starts coughing, but what about the rest?

It’s not even just about millions of masks going into the landfill. A lot of these masks were made for us by friends or family members during a really scary time to help keep us safe. All around the world, crafters and sewists came together in one of the purest acts of love I’ve ever seen. It would make me sad to just toss mine out.

Rest assured, this repurposed face mask collar is not only different from my previous version, but I think it’s prettier and more refined too!

Now, Let’s repurpose a cloth face mask into a cute & classy collar!

Because…Earth Day! *We are the World starts to play in the background*

I began with this lovely cloth face mask that was gifted to me by a friend while I was struggling through treatment for ovarian cancer.

cloth face mask
My friend’s fabric selection game is spot-on.

I snipped off those elastic sides, pulling the elastic taut as I did so.

snipping off elastic
This is really hard to photograph one-handed btw…

Then, I unpicked the middle pleat with my seam ripper.

pointing at middle pleat in face mask
This one. Right here. It’s gotta go.

Here’s what it looked like when I was done:

unpicked middle pleat
Okay…so now what?

In my previous collar refashion, I unpicked all of the pleating and ended up with a flat collar. We’re changing it up this time to get a more three dimensional result!

Now to remove that metal nosepiece! I unpicked the top of my mask…

unpicking top of mask
This only takes a moment.

…and pulled it out!

pulling out metal nosepiece

Then, I clipped the raw edges back together and stitched them back down.

Note: If you’re trying this at home, you’ll want to make sure you’re using a heavy-duty/jeans needle as this project involves sewing through a lot of thick (thiccc?) fabric.

sewing top of mask closed
A mini-whirr!

In my last collar refashion, I just snipped off a little of the backing fabric and pulled the nosepiece out with pliers. This is a much better way to go about it and honestly takes about the same amount of time, as pulling out the nosepiece from one end is pretty difficult.

Plus, this way looks way nicer (even if no one is going to ever see the underside of your collar).

I folded my mask in two lengthwise and pressed it down.

ironing folded face mask
Press it. Press it good.

Then, I cut along the pressed line.

cutting along center line
It kinda looks like a teeny pair of pants!

These are the two pieces that will make each side of my new collar!

cloth face mask cut in two
Side 1 and Side 2!

In my previous collar refashion, I just cut down the middle with pinking shears. You can do that here as well, but at Refashionista headquarters, we’re classy now. It’s our new thing. No one will see the inside of your collar except you, but why not take a couple of extra steps to make it look nice?

I grabbed a roll of bias tape…

roll of bias tape
I have like a drawer full of this stuff.

…and clipped it to the raw edges of my mask halves with my sewing clips!

clipped bias tape to raw edge
Looks nicer already, doesn’t it?

Then, I stitched it down.

sewing binding to side of mask
Just pull off the clips as you go!

So…I have this perfectly nice, but kind of dull black fit & flair dress I thrifted ages ago (It’s what I’m wearing in the first pic of this post).

plain black dress on dress form

It fits fine, but I think it could use a little pizzazz, don’t you?

I folded the front of my dress in two and marked the center with tailor’s chalk.

marking center front of dress with chalk
Like this!

Next, I pinned one side of my collar inside, using that center mark as a guide.

pinning collar into dress

You can see how I adjusted it so the front would be much wider than the back.

After each side was pinned (and measured to make sure they were even), I stitched each side of my new collar in place.

sewing collar into dress
I’m getting excited…are you?

I folded my collar over and discovered I needed to tack the back parts down, which I did.

tacking down back of collar
Just a lil back ‘n forth will do it!

Just look at my formerly-basic, now-anything-but-basic black dress now!

refashionista Repurposed Cloth Face Mask Dress Collar after
It’s SO CUTE!!!

I absolutely LOVE this, you guys!

refashionista Repurposed Cloth Face Mask Dress Collar after selfie
Happy as can be with my sweet new collar!

I styled my newly-collared dress with black sandals and a big ‘ol bandaid on my knee from a recent fall (owie!).

refashionista Repurposed Cloth Face Mask Dress Collar after 3
Hiding said knee in this pic.

I love how I was able to work with the existing pleating on the original mask to get a polished and vintage-inspired (I’m thinking ’60s?) final look!

refashionista Repurposed Cloth Face Mask Dress Collar after 2
Not trying to be arrogant here, but I did good, y’all!

I really hope this project inspires you to look at your old cloth face masks in a new way!

refashionista Repurposed Cloth Face Mask Dress Collar after on dress form
My creation.
sadie seasongoods masks

If you like my blog, you’ll probably like hers too! She does for unwanted thrift store odds & ends what I do for unwanted thrift store clothes!


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