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Rosé Festival Dress Refashion

Black Midi Sundress Refashion
Dress to Skirt & Top Refashion: Refashionista in Denver!

When I discovered the annual Drink Pink Rosé Festival (which was cancelled last year) was on this year, my heart did a happy flutter dance.

Four hours of sampling different rosés and nibbling on cheeses with friends? Don’t mind if I do!

I was able to score one of the few remaining tickets to the event, but…what to wear?

As social events have started to come back, I’ve found myself underdressed at all of them. For example, I wore the same ratty black T-shirt, vans, and wrinkled wrap skirt I had worn all day at the coffee shop to what ended up being a cocktail attire-type fundraiser event and felt…well…shabby. It’s like I’ve forgotten how to do this dressing up thing.

I wasn’t going to make the same mistake this time, friends! That’s why I chose this $1 thrifted dress with a lovely print for the occasion:

refashionista Rosé Festival Dress Refashion before
This’ll work, right?

As this wine fest was not 1980s-themed, I knew a refashion of this dress was in order!

The print is perfect. It’s pretty, has a bit of pink it it (perfect for rosé!), and it makes me happy.

While I might normally find that lace panel in the front a bit too fussy for my personal taste, I liked it on this dress. While the top of the dress was a smidge too big for me, the bottom part fit just fine.

Of course, I was less fond of those mondo shoulder pads!

refashionista selfie with shoulder pads
My shoulders. Are protected.

Let’s take a peek at the label.

Brelli II label
What? Is it a sequel? What happened to Breli I? I WANT ANSWERS.

And here’s a label I always enjoy finding:

union label
Union-made in the USA!

My first action item for this refashion was to remove those shoulder pads!

using seam ripper to remove shoulder pad
Benson supervised.

Isn’t this sweet? My pups never seem to get in my refashion pics anymore!

I was relieved to have those pads out of there!

removed shoulder pads
Join the other 5,305,393 shoulder pads I’ve ripped from the world.

I was slightly surprised to find these fluffy sleeve thingies behind the shoulder pads, but I removed them as well.

inner sleeve puff thing
Where did you come from?

Now that all that paddage was out of the picture, I turned my focus to those sleeves.

Temps were going to be in the 80s for the day, so I unpicked each sleeve from my dress with my seam ripper.

unpicking sleeve from dress
Picky picky!

When I looked down (I usually watch TV while seam ripping stuff), I saw poor Benson was covered in bits of thread!

benson asleep covered in thread
This sleepy little bub doesn’t seem to mind.

I brushed off my pup and gazed upon the carnage I left behind.

removed sleeves
Graphic, I know.

Next, with my dress turned inside-out, I closed up those armholes by first folding them over twice and clipping them into place…

clipped arm hole
No more fraying edges here!

… and then sewed them down.

sewing armhole
Just remove each clip as you go!

As I’ve already mentioned, the top of my dress was a little too big for me, so I put it on my dress form and pinned the sides to make it fit better.

dress pinned on dress form
Just a wee smidge

You can see how I just tapered down to the bottom, since that part fit just fine.

Then, I sewed each side down.

taking in top of dress
Just Whirrrrr each side!

I also cut off the excess fabric.

cutting off excess fabric

When I tried my dress on, I thought the shoulders were still a bit too wide for me, so I folded each shoulder under by about 1″ and pinned them in place.

folded shoulder of dress
To be fair, I have verrrry narrow shoulders.

Then, I sewed right along the shoulder seam.

sewing shoulder of dress
Right along the seam!

The only thing left to address about my dress was its length.

I tried my dress on, marked where I wanted to cut it (leaving a couple of extra inches for the hem), then made my chop!

cutting off bottom of dress
I have a cutting table, but this is so much easier to see on the floor!

Much like with the armholes, I folded the bottom under twice and pinned it.

pinning bottom hem of dress
I used my sewing gauge to keep it even!

Then, I stitched my new hem!

sewing hem
Hurry up! It’s wine time!

I finished my frock just in time for the festival!

refashionista Rosé Festival Dress Refashion after 2
Check it out! I dressed up! Properly!

It was a beautiful sunny day!

jillian sefie at festival
Well isn’t this the pinkest and preppiest event that ever pinked and preppied?

I think my earrings deserve a shoutout too (I had to add something fun & quirky to my otherwise preppy ensemble)!

cactus earring closeup
Purchased from a street vendor in Austin during my recent trip!

I’m proud of myself for clothing myself appropriately for an occasion for once. No flip flops. No ratty T-shirt…just a lovely dress!

refashionista Rosé Festival Dress Refashion after
Hello there!

That’s right…my new dress has POCKETS!

dress with pockets
Happy with my hand holders!

Does this refashion have you thinking pink?

It was great to get out and about with some of my bestest buds!

jillian and friends

This blog used to be a place for me to share my refashions and the fun places and things I wore them to. In the last year, the pandemic and cancer took the last part of that away.

Jillian and Phillip
Phillip is looking mighty svelte as well!

It made my blog, much like everything in 2020, less fun.

jillian on swing
It’s okay. We’re getting back into the “swing” of things now!

I’m tired of posing for all my “after” images on my freaking porch, and I’m happy to see that time of isolation and loneliness coming to a close.

cheese table
Gratuitous cheese pic.
giant pan of paella
Gratuitous giant paella pic.

Now Erin can look forward to me constantly asking her, “Can you take a picture of me for my blog?” again!

Jillian and Erin
I’m sure she’s thrilled.

Brighter days are ahead, friends…and I’ll drink to that!

Jillian and Phillip
Caption this.


refashionista Rosé Festival Dress Refashion after
Black Midi Sundress Refashion
Dress to Skirt & Top Refashion: Refashionista in Denver!

60 thoughts on “Rosé Festival Dress Refashion”

  1. Your fashions are always so good, but this one in particular is stunning! And I absolutely love (and live for) the comments you put under the photos! (“What happened to Breli I?” was so funny, I laughed out loud at work!). I’ll be retiring in another year or so, and will add “refashioning” as something to fill my time with!

  2. What a gorgeous refashion! That print is fabulous and it’s so great you gave the dress a second chance, because it looks absolutely perfect. Also, what an uplifting post, it made me so happy! Here in France things are going at a much slower place, but it gives me hope that this summer we too will be able to go out again with our friends and sip pretentious French wine in the sun. 😉

  3. The pink pattern on that dress is wonderful and your refash looks great on you! But the best part is seeing you out with your friends once again and having fun!

  4. I LOVE it Jillian! I am so happy for you to begin getting out and enjoying all the things you had to put on hold last year! Congratulations & Cheers! I’m enjoing getting out & not being afraid of the pandemic as well. Being a pediatric intensive care nure, it had really been scary in the last year. Hooray for joy & sunshine & people together again!

  5. The only thing that makes me happier than seeing an ’80s dress with a cute pattern given a new life, is seeing you happy with your buddies. Oh, and POCKETS!

    Lovely work and jealous of your Obama arms 😉

  6. You look beautiful!! The pattern is so cute and so festive for a rose fest! Enjoy getting back out and dressing up!

  7. I’m in my mid 50’s and I remember that commercial but not rest of the words though. I remember asking my mother what a union was. Haha!

  8. I didn’t think that dress had a chance, but of course, you made it beautiful! You look lovely, and healthy, and happy, and it is a lovely thing to behold <3

  9. This turned out great! And you look so beautiful and happy in it! I think you could even make those shoulders just a little narrower. I’ve got broad shoulders and even at my age (early 70’s) still routinely take in that part of tops and dresses. 🙂

  10. I’m going to age myself… Does anybody else remember the TV commercial when the Union Workers were singing the jingle…

    Look for the Union Label, when you are buying a coat, dress, or blouse. The Union label shows Union Soldiers are busy sewing to da da dahhh da da da da… I can’t remember the rest but I can sure hear that jingle in my head!! LOL

  11. I love this! Off to the thrift store I go with a new inspiration! Typically I come home with a great t-shirt, or something 3 sizes too big that I can cut down to fit. You look amazing-so nice to see people out having fun!

  12. Thank you for sharing a painful and sad truth about unions. My brother-in-law worked for Delta (just retired) and they fought hard to keep the union out. I know they’ve done some good, but as you’ve told-there is another side to it all.

  13. It’s absolutely amazing how that print went from “yikes, way too busy, better suited to a tablecloth” to “fun and springy” by changing the shape of the dress! I love it!

  14. Been watching you work your magic on refashions for several years now, and this is one of my favorites! Absolutely perfect on you from color to style to fit. If you’re ever in PA, lol!!! Stay well, adorable you!

  15. You look adorable! I see that I have some of those “befores” in my closet, I didn’t know they were out of style, lol. Thanks for bringing me back into fashion.♥

  16. This is one of my favorite refashions — the colors, cut, lace, and fabric are perfect for this outing. I also loved seeing Benson — such a cutie! You are looking great, and are a true testament to “perseverance personified”.

  17. Another great refashion! Over the years, I have always been amazed at your vision for these pieces.

    What dress form do you use or recommend?

  18. Caption this… The sky’s the limit, I’m living my life to the fullest! So, so good to see you looking so energetic and healthy, Jillian! That’s one happy looking wine tasting dress. Love it!

  19. 3,305,393 shoulder pads? Shouldn’t that be an even number, they do come in pairs? LOL. Love this dress, the pattern is gorgeous and…..pockets!! Love any dress with secret pockets.

  20. Love this refashion and I agree the lace adds that little extra to a gorgeous and elegant day dress. Perfect for cheese and wine.

  21. I love, love, love this dress make over. By the way, you are looking so healthy and happy. It makes my heart glad!

  22. Cute dress! While I appreciate ‘made in the USA’, I’m less enthused about unions. Back in the 80’s my brother worked for a tractor mfg co & belonged to the local union. His wife had recently hurt her back at the nursing home she worked at & they were mired in medical bills (the nursing home was fighting the workers comp claim) & down to one income. They also had a brand new mortgage & a 4mo old daughter. Then the union called for a strike. My brother grappled w/ what to do. He had worked there since he was 17, but he couldn’t afford not to work (the union only offered $50 a week to stand on the picket line). So he (& a few others) crossed the picket line. Three nights later, his newly built (detached) garage burned down. His wife’s car was also destroyed & his dog died of smoke inhalation before my brother could get him out (my brother suffered 3rd degree burns in the attempt). Fire Dept ruled it arson. Two nights later the president of the union was bragging at the bar that him & a couple stewards had set the fire as a “warning” as to what happens when you choose to be a scab. No charges were ever filed. The cops refused to look to far into it & basically told my brother that he “lucky” nothing worse had happened. My brother slept w/ a loaded shot gun in the entry way of his home for thee months until the strike was over. In the end the workers didn’t get any of the things the union promised they would get if they went on strike. My brother has never belonged to another union again. Although he did continue to work for the tractor co for another 38 yrs (44 yrs total) & retired last year second in seniority.

  23. LOVE this refashion – the dress looks comfy and classy, plus pockets!!!! It has it all! I also love your short hair with the cute earrings.

    You know who else is cute? Benson. Benson is the cutiest cutie-pie.

  24. I was a bit reluctant about the lace bit at the beginning but when it was all done it actually added to the dress. I love it! Glad you were out and about enjoying some pink, preppy fun! Oh, and I just have to give a shout out to all that cheese……mmmmmm, cheese!

  25. What a perfect ensemble! I love the refashion on this one, not too much, not too little. Just right. Great job, and it’s wonderful to see you out and about with friends! CHEERS!

  26. I love all your refashions. I still haven’t had the nerve to do any, so I am vicariously living through you. You are just so stinking cute. I always love seeing the pic of you and your guy! You are both a cute couple and I always enjoy all your adventures. Yes, now that things are opening up, we can do alot more.

    • Thank you! Heehee…But I have to correct you! Mr. Refashionista isn’t in these pics (he’s not a rosé fan!). That’s David’s guy, Phillip (who is also a cutie!).


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