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Skirt is Shirt

My Drapey Halter Top
DIY Distressed Denim Skirt

Recently, I invested in a new dress form!  I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without one.  It’s like having a clone I can use to try on things, experiment with drape, and pin!  I haven’t decided on a name for her yet.  🙂

I decided to use her to refashion this skirt.

Skirt is Shirt 2
It's a skirt!

Now, this is a perfectly nice skirt.  Sadly, it’s too small for me (a size 0…crazy!), plus it has a couple of small stains on the waistband that I couldn’t get out in the wash.  Happily, it was a freebie!

I decided to turn this skirt into a top.  First, I cut out the lining.

Skirt is Shirt 3
Cut. It. Out.

Then, I put it on my dress form upside-down and pinned it where I wanted the neckline and arm holes to be.

Skirt is Shirt 4

Then, I ran it through my machine to make my sleeve-ish things.  🙂

Skirt is Shirt 5

Now I have a fun, blousy top made of oh-so-very-soft silk.  You can’t even see the small stains due to the way my top drapes.  🙂

Skirt is Shirt 6
Skirt is Shirt 7
My new top pairs well with Vinho Verde!
Skirt is Shirt 8
Check out my wingspan!

I headed out with my fella to celebrate a very special guy’s birthday.  🙂

Skirt is Shirt 9
Happy Birthday, J.J./Boombox Guy!!!! 🙂
Skirt is Shirt 10
J & J!
Skirt is Shirt 11
Ah, Love!
Skirt is Shirt 12
It's Sam!
Skirt is Shirt 13
It's Alex!


My Drapey Halter Top
DIY Distressed Denim Skirt

9 thoughts on “Skirt is Shirt”

  1. That lining has enough yardage for the facings for your pattern conundrum. Some super size no good for nothing freebies should become part of you fabric pile. Some are just for parts like buttons, belts buckles, zippers, and peplum pickings! A stray pair sleaves or cuffs can peek out ol a shorter sleave and maybe hang below a shirt or skirt hem.

  2. Great idea for skirt refashion to a top! I’m totally going to rip this off 😉
    I notice there’s a seam down the front of the top, it is because that’s actually the back of the skirt?
    Looks great, especially with the wine, haha…

    • Thank ya! That’s actually still the front of the skirt. The back has a zipper. The skirt had seams on the front, back, and sides. That’s the one thing I don’t like about this as a top.

  3. This is Brilliant! What a creative idea. I had given up on trying to refashion an couple of dresses because the waists are too small-but I could do this with the skirt part. Fab! Can’t quite figure out if you put the skirt on the form upside down or right side up?


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